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How to Search For a Job During COVID-19 Lockdown 

On one hand, many have lost their jobs due to coronavirus lockdown, and on the other, it has created opportunities in certain sectors and IT is one of them. The IT organization I work in has hired so many cybersecurity experts since many business operations have become digital. Since the work from home situation, all employees were asked to sign up for Cox Internet 30 Mbps plan to meet the demand for staying connected.

Some say looking for a job in these chaotic times is useless. You won’t get hired. If you are already searching for a job and finding no luck, you must be on the brink of losing all hope. I agree, finding a job is challenging but it’s not impossible. You have to be where the employers are and change your search strategy a bit.

lady searching job

To make your quest easier and improve the chances of getting hired, I bring to you some expert tips:

1: Manage Your Expectations

First things first, feed this into your mind that these are not normal times. Therefore, change your expectations. Businesses that are expanding are also trying to adjust to new circumstances. They might be slower in responding to incoming resumes.

Here is how to manage your expectations:

  • Be extra patient and don’t expect an immediate response
  • Do follow up after 1 or 2 weeks
  • Prepare for a series of telephonic and video interviews

2: Update Your Resume and Prepare a Cover Letter

Sometimes, employers don’t respond because of an outdated resume and a not-so-professional cover letter. You’ve got to cross this from the list of reasons why your job application is being rejected. These are some tips for buffing your resume:

  • Improve the opening statement
  • Remove the job experiences that don’t add up.
  • Include the certifications and awards that matter
  • Keep the font style and size consistent
  • Use bullet points and trim unnecessary content

Now moving on to the cover letter. It’s your first impression as a person and it needs to be professional. Make sure you customize the cover letter for each job. Don’t use a single template for all jobs. HR departments can spot them very easily. They might not be responding to your job applications because of this exactly.

3: Improve Your Digital Presence

Employers these days check the digital presence of the potential candidate before even selecting them for the interview. So use the free time at hand to enhance your digital presence. Start by improving your LinkedIn profile. Update your photo (it should be a professional one). Request former colleagues or skill recommendations. Add a catchy profile bio.

Clean your social media accounts. If you don’t want to delete any posts, then simply update the privacy settings. No such posts should be public that may drive the potential employer away.

4: Take an Effective Job Search Approach

Now comes the real deal i.e. starting the job hunt. These recommendations might improve your job search:

Prioritize the In-Demand Roles

In these trying times, finding a job in your favourite role might be harder than ever. Therefore, search for jobs in the roles that are currently in demand. This will boost your chances of getting hired.

Expand Your Search Source

Don’t stick to one source when it comes to searching for jobs. Create your profile on different recruiting platforms. Use LinkedIn to search for roles. Use social media to find a job opening.

Be Open-Minded

It will pay off to be more open-minded about a current role, job expectations, benefits, and contract length. Don’t keep on rejecting offers because they fail to meet your expectations. In the current climate, it’s better to have a job than unemployment.

5: Get Familiar with Video Conferencing Platforms

Video interviews are the new normal. It’s best to prepare yourself for the interview in advance. Get familiar with common video conferencing tools like Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Download a guide on each of these platforms.

Check with the recruiter beforehand to learn about the company culture to know how to dress for the interview. Just become it’s a remote interview doesn’t mean you can be in your pajamas.

Here are some tips to be digital-ready:

  • Choose the location/room for the interview
  • Set the lights and know the right angles
  • Test your microphone and camera
  • Keep the surrounding tidy
  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Smile often and engage with the interviewer

6: Upgrade Your Skills

Upgrade your skills. This will keep you distracted in the meantime. You never know the new skills learned mat land you on a better job.

7: Embrace the Power of Networking

Networking has the power to expose you to better career opportunities. Even during the lockdown, many are leveraging the online networking trend to socialize. LinkedIn is at the heart of all it.

Various communities have stepped forward to provide support to the job seekers during COVID-19 lockdown. They are caring for others like any other efficient customer support such as Cox Internet customer care. Join these groups and communities to find job search tips, support, and exposure to opportunities.

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