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Season 6 Predictions of Better Call Saul

The final season of the most popular Breaking Bad prequel will be released in the first quarter of 2022, AMC reported. Better Call is expected to be one of Saul’s biggest shows of the year, bringing the final season of Breaking Bad Madness we’ve all been craving and trying to capitalize on the huge success of last season. is

Meanwhile, fans are predicting what we’ll see next season. While many have clues as to what might happen in the final season in the original Breaking Bad , others have their own theories about what might happen to Jimmy and the staff in Season 6 .

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Now let’s take a look at some very interesting predictions about the last season of Better Call Soul.

Lalu wants to kill Nacho’s father.

Nacho’s father, Manuel Puri, is one of the most ordinary and intelligent characters in the entire Breaking Bad universe, and as you can imagine, the crime craze isn’t very good in this program. Manuel was already in trouble with Gus’ supervillain, sending Victor to Nacho to show him how easily he could kill his father.

But now that Lalu, who is as mad as a tree, knows better than that Nacho betrayed him, there is no better reason to seek revenge. The first goal that comes to mind, of course, is the quiet manual that is likely to hit the first few episodes of the new season.

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Jimmy wants to buy his Cadillac and take it to the office.

We all know that over time Jimmy becomes one of the wealthiest lawyers in town, appearing in numerous commercials and employing some of the hardest criminals in town as clients. Not only does responsibility follow with such power, but so does money, lots of it!

We predict last season that Jimmy will eventually move into his famous office in the strip mall and buy his dream car – a Cadillac.

Kim and Jimmy want to stay together now.

Better Call Saul starts us off by showing us that Saul eventually called a vacuum cleaner and now probably works at a fast food restaurant somewhere in the Midwest. Our guess is that Kim will eventually join Jimmy in his new life, either by asking for a vacuum cleaner for himself or just going there. This is hinted at by Kim wearing a “Kansas City” jersey in the Season 5 finale episode.

When the bed is unfolded, you will see large letters.

So far, Better Call Soul has seen many Breaking Bad characters reappear, and there’s no reason to believe that a new character will appear last season. Fans are certainly hoping to see Walter and Jesse in action again and I’m sure they all enjoy seeing Hank and his antics.

Vince Gallagher himself said he wanted to introduce Jesse and Walter before the end of the series, and last season was obviously the last chance to do so. Here’s hoping that actually happens.

Lalu Nacho Mar Denge (or vice versa)

We’ve already talked about the inevitable clashes between Red and Nacho. In this case, Nacho’s father should be the first victim, but that’s hardly enough for Lalu and he’ll try to kill Nacho himself. Nacho probably already knows that, though, and wants to pull the trigger first.

That it would be a special scene because what happened in the last episode of Season 5 makes perfect sense after this