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How NOT To Sell A Property: 9 Things That Turn A Potential Home Buyer Off
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How NOT To Sell A Property: 9 Things That Turn A Potential Home Buyer Off 

So you’re putting up your beloved home for sale or rent. Are you confident that your property’s aesthetics and overall value are enough to draw buyers in? Well, before we talk about those major home improvements guaranteed to increase your home’s value, let’s first tackle the simple features that make your home less appealing to clients. 

Whether you’re planning to resell your property or look for tenants, there are a few “turn-offs” you should fix in order to attract potential clients. It can be as simple as your choice of wall paint or as drastic as a botched home renovation project. 

Are you guilty of the following major deal-breakers? 

1. Your home’s exterior is unattractive

What’s the first thing your prospect sees the moment they reach your driveway? Yes, the curb appeal, or rather, the lack thereof. 

Is your front yard cluttered? Are there tall, unkempt grasses? Are your fences rusty and torn? Does the front door look old and tainted? 

Create a good impression by trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn, repainting surfaces, and simply do whatever you need to make your exterior look polished.  

2. Your home is disgustingly messy

It’s a no-brainer: you need to make sure your home is spotless before you allow someone, let alone a prospective buyer, to come in. Aside from making it hard for people to see themselves living there, untidy and cluttered rooms may reflect on how well the property has been looked after. 

Do yourself a favor and clean your house. Keep unnecessary items out of sight. Clean the upholstery. Wipe down dusty and stained surfaces, including appliances. Make glossy surfaces squeaky-clean. And please, don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink. 

3. You’ve had a fair share of crappy renovation projects

Your DIY projects can make or break your deal. If your home renovation projects were well-executed and designer-approved, as if you hired professional contractors, then your prospective buyer might thank you for it. They don’t have to add storage units, repaint, or put on wallpapers and tiles themselves. 

But if they look like they were done by an amateur who just happens to love Pinterest but doesn’t have that attention to detail, then we’ll have a problem. 

4. Your client doesn’t want to fix your home’s serious issues

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer’s agent: would you offer your client a home that’s suffering from expensive issues, like broken plumbing, faulty electrical work, and leaky roof? 

Tackle these things before putting your home up for sale:

  • Replace broken mechanicals, including your appliances and HVAC system
  • Repair broken plumbing
  • Replace cracked tiles
  • Take care of overgrown landscaping

5. They’re not buying your bold walls and over-the-top interior design

Your bright pink wall may look posh for you but it does more harm than good when you’re trying to resell your home. According to experts, bold wall paint is a major turn-off for buyers. Walls should look more like a blank canvas that’s open to limitless decor ideas. 

Stick to light neutral hues, like white, beige, and cream. You should also ditch the over-the-top features. Instead, aim for a simpler interior design that allows your prospective buyer to visualize themselves living in your home. 

6. You don’t have a lot of storage units

Just because homebuyers love blank walls doesn’t mean they also love blank homes. Most buyers seek a home that’s already fitted with adequate storage units, like kitchen cupboards, built-in cabinets, drawers, closets, and shelves. If your space is tiny, having smart shelving units situated in the nooks and crannies of your home can be an advantage. 

7. Your home is dark as a cave

Dark, cave-like homes are a huge deal-breaker for people looking for homes. If you feel like your home doesn’t receive adequate natural light, consider installing another window. You may also do a couple of tricks to make your space look brighter and more inviting. These include opening up your curtains fully, painting the walls crisp white, and using mirrors and decors with reflective surfaces. 

8. Your house looks dated (and possibly haunted!) 

Your house might be a couple of decades old, but it shouldn’t look like those sketchy properties in horror movies. An old-looking property tends to put off a fair share of buyers. It’s not about the aesthetics per se – it’s also about the expenses and efforts that come with refurbishing the property, removing outdated installations, and repairing damages. TBH, these are scarier than ghosts. 

9. Your house stinks

It’s not enough that your home is pleasing visually. It should also smell nice or neutral. So if a prospective buyer can tell that someone’s been smoking there for years or there’s a stinky pet in the house without actually seeing them first-hand, that’s not a good sign. 

Odors can sneak into the carpet, drapes, wood paneling, and basically everywhere, and stay there for years. It takes lots of deep cleaning, replacing unmanageable carpets, and investing in deodorizers. But hey, that’s better than putting off potential clients. 

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