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SEO text generators: good content with a click?

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
10 Min Read

Content at a click and the best Google positions thanks to artificial intelligence: SEO text generators make creating texts for the Internet very easy – right?

If you believe the promises of some providers, sophisticated software already creates high-click SEO texts on any topic. Human text talent is not required for this. Is that correct? How mature is automatic text generation and what can SEO text generators really do?

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How does an SEO text generator work?

An SEO text generator automatically creates texts. There are big differences in detail. Simple online tools change given texts with the help of synonyms.

Sophisticated text generators, which also like to call themselves unique content generators , scour the web for keyword-relevant articles and use these as the basis for a synthetic new text. They often work with Artificial Intelligence and advertise creating unique texts that are not classified as plagiarism by Google.

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Artificial intelligence – what is it?

In principle, it is a certain approach to programming: Instead of given instructions, the AI ​​software independently recognizes relevant relationships, draws conclusions from them and applies the findings constructively. The quantity and quality of the training data is decisive for the quality of AI programs : the more input, the better results.

What requirements does an SEO text have to meet?

A text for the Internet must meet at least these three criteria if it is to be at the top of search engines. It does not matter whether it was written by a human or a machine :

  1. The content has to be right.
  2. The text must be legible .
  3. this must meet the recognized SEO criteria .

It is relatively easy to determine whether the content of a text is correct and legible – even without software support. that becomes difficult with the SEO criteria. Because whether a text achieves good positions on Google is not only determined by the keywords. Most text generators limit their search engine optimization to the most frequent use of the main keyword.

Text generators with and without AI

There is also not always AI behind SEO text generators – even if the provider advertises it. An advanced SEO text generator works on this simple principle, which does not necessarily require artificial intelligence:

  1. The starting point is the keyword for which the text should rank on Google.
  2. The program downloads the texts from websites that are in the top positions for this keyword .
  3. The text content is analyzed and saved .
  4. On the basis of this result, the tool offers the writer a few text modules or creates a new text independently .

In order to make the text unique or at least appear unique, particularly advanced software also captures the meanings of the words. An AI-based text generator analyzes the database for a certain keyword and recognizes both content (based on certain keywords) and typical phrases that are relevant in connection with the keyword. If there is really artificial intelligence behind a text generator, the program independently learns which content, formulations and key terms are important for which content.

The individuality of the text is then based solely on the new arrangement of the text modules . However, nothing really new is created.

Which SEO text generators are there?

Here are a few examples:

article writer

Main keyword addition to keyword text create – with only three clicks promises search engine optimized texts for all subjects – for free.

What are the results? For example, if you enter the keywords “write texts” and “search engine optimization”, an article about 3000 words long appears (after a long wait). With style flowers like these:

  1. “My clients keep giving me these and their own reports.”
  2. “The briefing directory here is of course only intended as a suggestion for you and support for me.”
  3. “Now it happens that a competitor has already been eager and has published a complementary piece of great content on the Internet in front of you.”

The very long text offers a good and, above all, free basis for inspiration – but you can also get this if you go looking for appropriate texts on a topic yourself.

Content Creation Wizard

The Content Creation Wizard is software for download. Cost: over 100 euros. For this price, the user is offered a comprehensive package. According to the manufacturer, the content scraper works “analytically and intelligently”.

The tool offers two variants of text creation: manual and fully automatic. With the manual procedure, the user puts together specified text snippets from the scraped content to form a new work and can change them as required. A few clicks are enough for automatic text creation:

  • Which topic database should deliver the content?
  • What are the main and sub keywords?
  • What should the text type, text length, keyword density, structure look like?

More SEO text generators

The SEO text generator market is huge. Not all programs also offer German texts. Well-known tools are, for example, the British Article Generator or the SEO Content Machine .

So far there is no text creation software that works without errors. However, accuracy is a Google criterion for quality . Inferior texts have a negative impact on Google rankings in many ways. Because the risk of duplicate content is particularly high with automatically generated texts. On the one hand, incorrect texts are a deterrent to many readers. You click back on the search results page – Google notices such jumps and rates them. On the other hand, negatively rated pages affect the Google ranking of an entire domain.

Advantages of text generators

The advantages of text generators are obvious: They offer easy, cheap and fast creation of articles for the Internet.

Text tools can be of some help, especially with texts that can be standardized . So when it comes down to conveying similar information that needs to be “spiced up” a bit. They are suitable for example for

  • short product descriptions in online shops,
  • Real estate exposes in which tangible information is the focus,
  • Sports news or short advertising copy.

As a source of inspiration , text generators are sometimes quite useful. For example, a free slogan finder offers suitable (but also lots of unsuitable) advertising slogans for products of all kinds at the push of a button. Text generators are also useful when rewriting existing texts. But when it comes to unique content, the results should at least be corrected by a human writer.

Disadvantages of text generators

A key feature of automated texts is that the language often appears strangely unnatural . This also applies – still – to AI texts that work with natural language processing .

Most of all, automated texts are difficult to read. What is missing is the classic “common thread” that leads the reader through an article. Why is that? On the one hand, the technology for the automatic generation of texts is far from mature. There is also a fundamental problem: human thought processes are decisively shaped by emotions. Simulating these emotions is difficult even for sophisticated AI systems. At the end there is usually a text that looks professional at first glance, but bloodless at second glance. The effect is high bounce rates – and that’s poison for Google.

Other disadvantages:

  • The creativity remains with machine-generated text on the line. Ultimately, they only convey “old wine in new bottles” – recycled texts with no added value.
  • Due to the lack of new content, they in no way meet journalistic requirements .
  • The target group-specific tonality of a text is difficult to achieve with automated content generation.

Even if the providers of text generators advertise high Google positions, there is still a great risk: Because similar text modules that are difficult to read have a long-term harmful effect – not only for the individual page, but also for the entire domain. To counter this danger, sensitive search engine optimization Bangalore is required. Ultimately, SEO text generators cannot replace the human author. This also and especially applies when there are large text assignments. The risk of duplicate content is particularly high here.

What are SEO text generators good for?

Perhaps the most important SEO tenet for authors is: Don’t write for search engines, write for people. Because the acceptance of a text by the reader is also measured by Google. And the popularity of a text is an essential ranking criterion. SEO text generators can be used for specific purposes. But when it comes to really unique content, human writers are still superior

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