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Seven Tips for Attracting The Best HR Talent for Your Business

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The HR market is full of talent waiting to be employed by your business, but losing a potential candidate is easily done. Building a strong hiring process from start to finish will help ensure you attract the best talent for your HR role.

Below are seven key tips to ensure you have the pick of the best talent out there.

Write an accurate and compelling job description

In order to get your ideal HR candidate, it’s important you accurately describe the actual role you are recruiting for. You should be outlining the role as it truly is, making sure to include working hours, pay, and benefits. You don’t want to be losing new staff in the first few months due to not disclosing aspects of the job in the description.

The best way to sell the HR position to your candidates is by highlighting the benefits and how they can progress in the future, whilst maintaining full transparency of the actual job role.

Have a good reputation as a workplace

When candidates are applying for job roles, a lot of the time they will look at employee reviews of the workplace. This provides great insights into how the employees are generally treated whilst working there.

Showing you have a healthy and balanced workplace for your candidates will not only make them be more interested in your company, but it will also show the fact your company can be trusted to deliver on its promises made in the recruitment campaign or at an interview.

Social media can also help you with this. Networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great resources for showing off a company’s values and attitudes to work.

Seek external help from an HR recruitment agency

The HR industry can be competitive, and businesses are constantly searching for the most suitable candidates for their HR departments. By seeking help from external HR recruitment agencies, you can ensure that the best candidates will be put forward to suit your specific job role.

Recruitment agencies not only support the needs of your business, but they help to support the candidates with career advice, CV optimization, and interview preparation. This gives you peace of mind that the candidates put forward by the recruitment agency are most suited to your HR role. Not only this, but HR recruiters can help to negotiate effective contracts. This can be especially useful when considering your ideal candidate’s skills, experience and qualifications.

Introduce the team

Rather than conducting one-to-one interviews in private rooms, it’s a good idea to have members of your team involved during the interview process. Your current staff will be able to represent your company’s culture and values, and can therefore act as a huge selling point.

By showing the candidates around the office space as well, they’ll be able to get a real feel for the business and view how staff members interact with those in higher management positions. Employees are also less likely to produce a perceived biassed pitch by the candidate due to the unfiltered experience compared to employers.

Explain the recruitment process

Candidates selected for the interview process need to know exactly what to expect during the interview process, such as where and when they will be interviewed and who by. You want to ensure there are no surprises during the interview that will cause any uncertainty or confusion.

If you don’t portray your company as the most organized and efficient from the very start, especially with HR, the best candidate may decide your company isn’t right for them.

Outline next steps

At the end of the interview, you should always describe the rest of the recruitment process. Ideally, you should explain what will happen next and when it will likely happen, such as secondary interviews or potential feedback from the interview.

You shouldn’t rely on the candidate or force them to ask these questions. Instead, tell them when they should roughly expect updates and if there are any changes after the interview, you will be in touch with them.

Shorten the time to hire

Many potential HR talents are lost due to the recruitment process taking too long to decide or contact candidates. Other companies are waiting to hire any potential candidates that you have interviewed but if you take too long to respond with a job offer, they may have already accepted a different job offer or potentially lost interest in the company due to the delays.

If you really want one of the potential candidates on your team, it’s best to contact them as quickly as possible. This will ensure you have the best-suited candidate on your team, and also to let the candidate know you’re keen to have them on board.

Remember when it comes to finding the best candidate for your business, you need to sell yourself as a brand. The best HR talents will choose companies and businesses that align with their values and attitudes, so by showing yourself as the best, you will receive the best candidates.

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