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Six Tips for Finding a Literature Essay Thesis Explained

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English literature isn’t an easy subject for every university student. A lot of colleges have required literature classes even if you are not majoring in literature. Finding a thesis statement can be complicated or challenging for any student. Use an essay writing service and these tips to help you find a great literature essay thesis.

  1. Don’t Use a Cookie Cutter Thesis

In a university literature class, the professor wants you to come up with a thesis that has more original thought than simply outlining what your paragraphs are going to be about. The professor (or whoever is grading your paper) wants to be able to see that you know what you are talking about. The best way to do this is with a strong thesis.

  1. Be Specific

A thesis should not be general. Make sure that it is specific. The rest of the essay will give you space to branch out from the thesis into other relevant arguments, but it should always come back to your thesis statement.

Also, make sure your thesis isn’t your conclusion. A good thesis will hint at what the argument in your paper will be, and your conclusion paragraph should answer your thesis.

literature essay thesis
literature essay thesis
  1. Meet with Someone From Your Class

Chances are, there is someone else in your class who is also struggling with finding a thesis topic. You also might have a classmate who is more experienced with essay writing than you are, and has a better grasp on how to write a good thesis.

If you meet with someone who you can talk about the class with, it could be very helpful in developing a solid thesis. If your thesis is unclear, having someone to talk to is great for making it more specific. Once you have a solid thesis, your essay will be stronger.

  1. Meet with a Tutor or a TA

A lot of university classes might have a TA for your course. Your TA might have already offered an online essay writing service to the class. If they have not said anything about it, you could try to contact them and ask if they have a chance to meet with you to go over your thesis ideas.

  1. Highlight Your Thesis While You Work

While you’re working on the rest of your literature essay thesis, you should highlight your thesis in your introduction paragraph. This will help you stay on track. When you are writing, make sure that everything you mention is in some way related to your thesis, and will help the essay move toward the conclusion.

  1. Write Your Thesis After You Started the Essay

Sometimes you know your topic, but you don’t know how to phrase the thesis. It can be helpful to start working on the body paragraphs of your essay first, which will help you to solidify your opinion and argument. Once you have this down, you will have a better idea of how to phrase your thesis so it connects the other paragraphs of the literature essay thesis that you have already started writing.


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