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Smoker Tarpaulin For Custom Sizes Safeguard Wooden Exteriors 24/7

A smoker tarpaulin is a specialized protective covering designed specifically for smokers and grills. As any barbecue enthusiast knows, often wood-constructed appliances are left outdoors exposed to the elements when not in use. Unlike a basic tarp or drop cloth, smoker Tarpaulins are heavy-duty protective fabric tailored for the shape and size of different smoker models.

Custom Smoker Tarps

Custom smoker tarps are manufactured from durable, weatherproof materials to shield the whole smoker, including the top, sides, door/s, and base. They secure tightly around the smoker with ties, grommets, and other closure options. This creates a protective barrier, keeping out rain, snow, sun, dust, and other environmental factors that can damage wood surfaces or cause metal components to corrode over time.

Custom Sizing

Custom sizing is important to ensure a proper tight fit with full coverage and no gaps where moisture or debris could infiltrate. Precise dimensioning also prevents flapping, billowing, and insecure fastening issues encountered with a poorly sized generic tarp.

Benefits of a custom smoker tarpaulin

There are several key advantages to opting for a custom-made smoker tarpaulin instead of makeshift solutions:

Precise fit:

Custom dimensions allow for an exact-fitting tarp that covers every square inch of the smoker. No gaps means complete exposure protection.

No fluttering:

Accurately tailored sizes avoid bagginess and fluttering in the wind which defeats the purpose. The tarp hugs close to the smoker’s shape.

Secure seal:

Formfitting construction enables ties, clips, or straps to achieve an airtight, watertight closure with the smoker. No leaks or drafts penetrate.

Easy access:

Many feature zippered doors for uncomplicated on/off access to the smoker interior while still covered. No struggling with ties each time.

Long-lasting material:

Quality fabrics like vinyl-coated polyester withstand weather extremes for the life of the smoker without degrading. Lower replacement costs.

Superior shelter:

Full coverage top to bottom, front to back safeguards all exterior surfaces, not just the top. Ensures long-term structural integrity.

Simple storage:

Folds down small and is lightweight when not in use for convenient packing away between smoking seasons.

Brand protection:

Some companies monogram tarps with the smoker logo or model for theft deterrence and pride of ownership.

Cost savings:

By shielding a smoker’s investment from the elements, custom tarps pay for themselves by extending the appliance’s service life for many extra years.

Why smoker tarps are important

Grills and smokers stored outdoors face harsh environmental exposure that can compromise their structure and functionality over time if left unprotected. The materials, craftsmanship, and performance of today’s top-quality smokers and pellet or gas grills represent a significant financial investment that homeowners want to safeguard for many years of enjoyable use.

Wood Deterioration:

For smokers employing wood construction, moisture penetration, and ultraviolet light take a toll. Uncovered wood cabinets develop cracks and splits, and surfaces roughen as finishings wear away more quickly.

Metal Corrosion:

All metal components like fireboxes, cooking grates, and electronic control panels are vulnerable to rust and corrosion if ambient moisture is allowed to collect on surfaces for extended periods. This necessitates costly early replacement.

Electronics Damage:

For electric or high-tech pellet smokers, sensitive temperature controls and power connections demand protection from rainfall downpours and resulting water damage that could cause costly repairs. Learn More

Aesthetic Decline:

In addition to functional issues, unprotected smokers will lose their attractive and like-new appearance faster, with wood fading unevenly and a generally worn, weathered look developing.

Smoker Tarp Shields

By safely sealing smokers under a breathable, form-fitting tarp made of durable weather-resistant fabrics, the smoker tarp shields the investment from these degradation factors. Extending the usable lifespan and maintaining maximum performance and good looks for grills and smokers is why most serious backyard pitmasters consider a custom tarp an essential accessory.