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Social Media Aggregator Tools For Website And Events

Social Media Aggregator Tools For Website And Events 

Social Media Aggregator tools are no more strange things to marketers and they now understand how much these tools are important for them to build strong marketing campaigns.

Every brand wants to connect with their audience in a better way and build a strong relationship with their customers that will stay for the long run.

Marketers adopt every possible way to do the same and social media aggregator tool is one of the instruments to get them with the results.

But due to a limited budget and need to allocate it for different marketing channels, investing large amounts of money in purchasing a one tool is not a better option.

Thus, to keep this in mind and understanding your marketing needs, here we are going to talk about some amazing and free social media aggregator tools that help you in accomplishing your marketing goals without affecting your budget.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

4 Free Social Media Aggregator Tools

These are some of the best tools available in the market that also offer free plans that every website owner can avail to boost their marketing.  Check these 4 amazing free social media aggregators and choose one that is perfect for your marketing.


Taggbox is a comprehensive and easy-to-use social media aggregator integrated with all popular social media platforms.

It will provide you with a hassle-free and code-free interface to collect, curate, and display social media feeds and embed attractive social media walls on websites and events.

You can smoothly collect social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, TikTok, etc., and display on your digital screen (website or event) with just a click of a button.

With the help of hashtags, mentions, handles, or url, this tool collects all the relevant feeds at one platform and gives you options to personalize and moderate content as per your marketing needs.

Taggbox offers a wide range of plans in which there is also an exclusive free plan name as Startup, which is free of cost and offers you features to make your social feeds interactive.

You will get two feeds, full customer support, and customization options to make attractive feeds.


Tagembed is a newly launched product, but performing extremely well in the market and becoming one of the best free social media aggregator tools. Without any technical expertise, you can easily and smoothly create social media walls and embed on your website and event screen.

With the Tagembed free plan, you can collect social media feeds from social media platforms and level-up your website and event performance by engaging the audience with attractive content.

Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool with features that pull relevant feeds from social media channels and offer a click-feature to embed social wall on a website or live event. is another free social media aggregation tool with high functionality to add social media feeds onto your website.

Similar to above mentioned tools, it also allows you to collect social media feeds from popular social media channels and customize them to make them fit according to your website design.

As mentioned before, it is a free to use tool, thus without disturbing your budget, you can go with this tool. However, the only limitations with this only one feed you can create with this tool, whereas Taggbox offers you two feeds. Thus, for a better option and more feeds you can go with Taggbox. is another free social media aggregator especially designed for creating attractive social walls for events. It also collects feeds from various social media platforms and offers a simple option to embed feeds on websites and events.

It also offers a free version to collect and embed social media feeds from various channels. All features are free means you can do various things with your collected social media content and display on your website for free.

Limitations with this product include your feeds will be deleted if you are not active on your account for more than 48 hours and your latest feeds get updated every 24 hour.

Thus, while choosing a free plan make sure to check all the features they are offering. One of the best free aggregator tools that I would like to recommend is Taggbox.

Final Thoughts

Adding social media content on websites and events is the going craze among the marketers and they are getting best results by adding this elusive content. It is proving the best strategy to interact and engage with the audience, thus for marketers who haven’t tried their hands with social media content, it is the best time.

With these free social media aggregator tools, you can create an effective marketing game-plan to promote your brand.

The only one suggestion I would like to give is to check all the features and facilities you are getting with different free social media aggregators.

Features are what matters to build strong and powerful social media feeds. Thus, find a one with the most features that you can get for free.

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