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Soft Rubber PVC Keychains | 10 Ways To Customize At Home

Soft Rubber PVC keychains are the best gift of humans to civilization. Its practical nature is indeed a unique touch of magic in our lives. Oh, good Lord! Where do we even start? There is so much to say… so much about its physique and its purpose. 

To begin with, the soft rubber keychains are very lightweight. Moreover, they are made of bendable plastic, which is so soft and smooth that it does not even irritate the skin. In addition, their quality of being water resistant makes them resilient enough to last longer. Truly, this is just a basic introduction of the keyrings but trust us, there is more than meets the eye. 

These keyrings are very versatile in terms of design and usage. We can already think of a dozen ways how to incorporate them into our daily lives. These highly useful and eco-friendly rings are also a source of low-cost promotion for businesses. Moreover, the rings act like blank canvases for every individual giving them room for innovation. As a result, the keychain becomes both a customer; a useful tool, and a visual identity of the brand. 

Designing Rubber PVC Keychains In 10 Bespoke Ways

We have already been in discussion of how cost-effective, appealing, and multipurpose these ornaments are. So now, without any further ado, we are excited to walk you through our bespoke ideas for styling these trinkets.  

  • Sprinkle Some Drama!

PVC keychains are full of drama – the vibrant color families. This helps catch the attention of customers within seconds.

For instance, warm colors, also known as fiery shades provoke energy and passion. Whereas, cool colors are best for business purposes. Blues, greens, and purples: give off calm and professional vibes. Brands can use color theory to manage customer responsiveness.

On the other hand, keychains can also be personalized for your bunch of keys to mark your territory. Now no more confusion of mixing your keys with your friends!  

  • Mess Around With Shapes 

The best part about rubber-made ornaments is that you can mess around with shapes, quite literally. Give it whatever outline you want. Square, rectangle, triangle, quadrilateral, or even asymmetrical designs. You name it. For example, a company can get a square made with its mission statement written on it. 

Try any unique shape and it can be easily moulded. You can interconnect the outline of your rubber charm with your notion. Use triangles for power and squares for practicability. So much room for choice, incredible!

  • Modelling Variations Of Soft Rubber PVC Keychains

If you are ready to go that extra mile for your design, you can get them in both 2D and 3D. Imagine a sports company keychain with a car on it. There are some descriptive features as well and then n top in 3D is the name of the vehicle. The matchless exclusivity, wow!  

The difference in texture and usage of colors like red back and yellow is sure to convince customers to buy it. 

  • Unstoppable For A Reason

Yet another exceptional usage of these soft rubber ornaments. Who said the ornaments were restricted to shapes only? They are extraordinary and refuse to stay within limits. Therefore, they become an accessory in the form of bracelet keychains. 

Yes, you read that right. The rubber PVC is flexible enough to make any shape so here is an innovation – wristlets. It serves three purposes like being a wristlet, a hanging hook, and a keyring.  

  • Its Show Time

Generally, the backside of the charm is blank but not anymore. Now you can even use the backside as a blank canvas. 

You can make use of the space for the details of your business or probably some more design or image. Such as, you can get a customized rubber-made Pet ID for your dog’s collar. 

On one side, you can have its name written and on the backside, there can be a short note. It could be the owner’s address or a contact number to return the lost pet. 

  • Memories That Last Forever 

Think of a music festival that you have just entered into and on the way, back they hand you the band’s memento. Imagine now you own a soft PVC charm with the band’s logo and slogan written on it.

Additionally, now it is your choice whether you get a ring and chain to turn it into a keychain for your keys. Alternatively, you may also get it as PVC patches and get them sewn on your favorite punky jacket. 

It is like a total win situation. You get both, a visual identity of your memories at the fest and an exceptional decoration for your outfit. 

  • Less Is More!

This jack-of-all-trades trinket is the most suitable gift for minimalistic people. Little intricate designs that leave a heavy impact.

It could be your beloved partner’s initials, preferred song lyrics, or maybe a symbol that means something to you. The choices are endless.

It is as simple as this. Just pick a phrase or image and get it made as a customized gift for your minimalistic best friend. 

  • Let The Colour Wheel Decide For Soft Rubber PVC Keychains

Similar to playing around with shapes, you may experiment with the two types of colors on the color wheel. 

The first ones are the complimenting colors: the opposite shades on a color wheel. Moreover, we have analogous harmony – the adjacent hues. 

Using either of the themes, you can create a distinct impression of your brand. Dark colors for youngsters and light for the middle-aged target audience. Therefore, choose accordingly!

  • Add A Little Dimension To Soft Rubber PVC Keychains

Another idea for keychains made out of soft rubber PVC is getting designs. You can get a pattern or cartoon character made on both sides of the charm. So now, this is a completely new dimension. Isn’t it? 

This is a very creative feature and can be productively taken advantage of. For instance, when a real estate business finalizes a deal. They give their client the keys to the property with a customized ornament. 

The designer can artistically make a keychain of soft rubber in the form of a 3D house or building. You get a fine piece of art with emerged windows and the brand logo on the top left corner. The client will forever keep it safe as a souvenir. 

  • Fashionable Advertisement 

Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. Therefore, we have yet another amazing idea. 

The idea is to get a QR code made on the rubber trinket. Hence, the code could lead you to a website or app installation process. It could even be a bank account’s code to scan and donate money. 

Companies or institutions can make the most use of such keychains. It is the most stylish way of promoting your business. So act fast and become one of the first ones to follow this trend. 

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Wrapping It Up…

PVC rubber soft keychains are the new talk of the town. There are the most practical and economical ways of promoting your business. 

The major reason for their fame is their scalability characteristic. No matter what the difference is about. Sides, shape, size, thickness, or PVC style. The flexible nature of these keyrings adapts to any scale smoothly. Incredibly remarkable!

We are a big fan of their versatility. The sharp, crisp, and colorful designs are the center of attraction. Be it a bunch of keys, a bag, or a pet collar.