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Some Reasons of Why We Move to Washington

Among the cities located in the Pacific Northwest, US, Washington is more than a rare gem, as the state holds an unparalleled natural beauty like no other. Plus, with nearly half of the 16 million residents in the Pacific Northwest residing in Washington, it means the state has more things to offer even for new movers from Boston to DC. If you’re considering future long-distance relocation plans, we’ve compiled some top 10 reasons to move to Washington DC.

Climate and Nature

If you live in a city with no significant difference in climate, in Washington, you enjoy a diverse climate change throughout the year. However, you get more of the annual rainfall in the city than in most places, especially in cities like Seattle and Miami. You’ll also experience more rainfall during the mid winter months than you will during the early winter months between July and August.

During the summer, the temperature ranges between 70 to 80 degrees, which can be considered mild, and in the winters, the temperature usually falls to 45 degrees. Snow is a rare commodity, but when it does occur, you experience a beautiful occurrence like you’ve never seen before. But, in the Eastern part of Washington, you experience snowflakes up to 200 inches.

Talk about nature, and you’ll find that Washington holds many exotic vegetation and parks, including Olympic National Park, Discovery Park, Mountain Rainer National Park, and the North Cascades National Park.

Growing Labor Market

DC’s labor market continues to boom with some of the world’s largest tech companies operating from there. For tech lovers, companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are some of the leading employers within the region. Outside of the tech world, tons of employment options exist, from individual entrepreneurial firms to professional large-scale and small-scale startups.


Washington is a sports town with several competitive teams and millions of obsessed fans, and you can watch every sporting game from anywhere in the city. At Lumen Field, the Sounders Soccer team and the Seattle Seahawks hold their games. You can watch the MLB team (Mariners) play at the T-Mobile Park. The best part is that you also enjoy a variety of college sports in the city, with sports teams like Gonzaga and UW.


Education in Washington isn’t just world-class. Due to constant input and mindfulness from the government, the majority of the colleges in the state are more accessible than ever. For instance, in 2015, DC’s state government slashed up to 20% of tuition payment for four-year colleges so the student won’t have to pay a high cost to acquire knowledge.

The region also houses some of the top highly-ranked educational institutes that attract students from both within and outside the state. Some highly ranked institutions include the University of Washington and Washington State University.

Affordable Prices

When it comes to finding a house, DC’s real estate market won’t scare you. While places like Battle Ground, Vancouver, and Ridgefield may seem too uptown and pricey, homebuyers can easily find less-priced houses that many metro homeowners in Portland would want.

The continuous rate at which the economy continues to grow has fueled the competitive industry and almost every entrepreneur is looking to sell their services at affordable prices.


Moving around the region’s neighborhood is never too stressful. 58% of the city’s commuters use a bike, walk or prefer using public transit. Washington’s Metropolitan Area Transit system offers every resident an easy and fast way to get to various destinations on time. If residents aren’t using the metro trains, they’re on the buses. Likewise, the city’s wide pathways and sidewalks make commuting to your destination on foot easy.


The region’s proximity to the sea fosters diverse cultures from all around the world. In DC, you’ll find people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, from locals to Native Americans and Scandinavians. This diverse mix of residents also means you enjoy a diverse cultural scene, especially in the residents’ artistic lifestyle to the food, music, fashion, and dining options.

Washington locals also practice a friendly-neighborhood culture as they love meeting new people and taking their time to learn about their community, especially their neighbors. So, if you’re contemplating what blending in with your neighbors will be like, don’t worry because you’ll meet new people from almost all parts of the world.


The food scene in the region is world-class. Washington is especially known for its coffee, and even coffee shops like Starbucks had their startup in Washington, Seattle.

Beyond coffees, Washington is also renowned for its fresh seafood and vegetables. You can stock up your kitchen with the fresh apples, asparagus, and mushrooms you can find in the state. If you’re in the mood for BBQ or tasty smoked salmons, you can easily find them from anywhere in the district, including around the metro areas.

Many Attractions

As mentioned earlier, Washington has a pretty gorgeous landscape even without trying. With this beautiful canvas comes many attractions in the outdoor space.

For mountaineers, hikers, and mountain bikers, Washington has over 100 beautiful mountain tops that bring your recreational zeal to life. The district is also a paradise for water lovers. With its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and other water bodies, you can go surfing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and even swimming. If you also love the thrill of running on a quiet day, Washington provides you with many slopes for your activity.

Lots Of Outdoor Activities

Washington is a place filled with a variety of outdoor recreations, and you never get tired no matter your niche. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter months to biking, hiking, running, surfing, and swimming during the summer season, there are endless outdoor activities you can enjoy in your favorite destinations.


There are various reasons to move to Washington DC. DC offers a variety of opportunities that make daily living within a metro area fun and enjoyable. From the low cost of living to the renowned educational institutes, amazing cultural scene, enjoyable climate, growing labor market, gorgeous landscape, and diverse food options, you’ll always have something to keep you busy.