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Stay Aware with the Important Aspects of Car Insurance in Dubai

Stay Aware with the Important Aspects of Car Insurance in Dubai 

Car insurance is mandatory for every individual in Dubai who owns and drives his or her cars, SUVs and any other similar type of vehicle. However, before buying an insurance policy from any of the available car insurance companies in Dubai, you should stay aware of each of the important aspects related to the car insurance policy, as we have discussed in this blog post.

Car Insurance

Requisites to getting Car Insurance

If you want to buy a car insurance policy in the area of Dubai, you should get a UAE residential visa, passport and the driving license. Besides, you have to show the documents of your vehicle registration. Once you complete with each of the documents, you should show the same to potential insurance providers to allow them in calculating the premium amount. Other than the aforementioned documents, your insurance company will calculate the exact premium amount according to your experience in the driving vehicle, age, and history.

The facility of Courtesy Car in Dubai

Regardless of the type of car insurance policy, you own or buy in Dubai, locals, and expats of the city often entitled to a courtesy car from the insurance provider in the case of any road accident.

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Types of Available Car Insurance Policies

Even though the ultimate selection depends on car owner himself or herself, you should dedicate your time to know the important facts associated with different types of car insurance policies available in Dubai.

Third-party Type of Liability Insurance

The third-party liability insurance by any of the car insurance companies in Dubai provides you coverage only for the third-party car and its passengers only. In contrast, this type of insurance policy does not give coverage for you, your vehicle and your passengers. However, the positive thing is that third-party liability is a relatively affordable option from the two.

Comprehensive Insurance

The comprehensive type of car insurance by insurance companies in Dubai gives you coverage for every individual. This means, it only covers third party people or vehicles, but also you and your vehicle, along with your passengers involved in a road accident. However, as you get wide coverage, you have to pay a high-cost premium. The comprehensive type of insurance policy may extend its cover to other accidents, like explosions, theft, fire, and vandalism.

Factors Influencing the Insurance Premium Amount

The premium amount to buy third-party or comprehensive car insurance policy depends on many factors. For instance-

Age Limit and Driving Experience

If you below 30years age and not driving your vehicle for a long time i.e. completely new in the driving vehicle, you have to pay a huge amount as premium to buy an insurance policy. On the other side, if you have experience in driving and above 30years, you may get an insurance policy even at a low premium amount. Besides, if you own an expensive car and want vehicle breakdown coverage, you have to pay a high premium.

Off-road Coverage

With plenty of off-road activities available in Dubai, including the activity of dune bushing, you should think about getting a vehicle insurance plan that gives you off-road coverage. In other words, you should consider off-road coverage seriously while driving in any area of Dubai.

High-Value Vehicles

Based on the consistent increase in the numbers of high-value cars in various areas of Dubai, you will find many insurers tailored specifically to cover such vehicles but are often harder to come by. Moreover, buying insurance for any of the old cars, especially the classics or high-value ones involves many big problems.

Therefore, with the mentioned valuable pieces of information, one can easily find a car insurance company in any area of Dubai to get car insurance.

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