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How Stickers Can Influence Your Target Market

How Stickers Can Influence Your Target Market
  • PublishedJanuary 25, 2021

Stickers are arguably one of the most underrated forms of marketing out there today – because so many people are instead opting for digital, stickers are quickly becoming a great way to reach out to your customers. Stickers represent both a fun (especially when compared to boring search engine advertising) way to advertise a business at a cost that is often too good to pass up. Stickers aren’t just about the novelty, though – brands that choose to use them have the advantage of using them in guerrilla marketing campaigns in addition to other channels, such as in-store sales and promotions. There’s even more to it, though, so in this article, we take a look at how and why custom stickers and signs from can be used to get your audience on board with your brand.

Getting started with custom stickers

Whether you opt for big custom stickers, small clear stickers, or bumper stickers, custom stickers can be a marketing godsend. Much of this is due to their sheer portability – by handing them out to customers, you can help usher your stickers on an exciting and unknown sticker journey, helping your brand reach all sorts of unexpected places – it all depends on where someone decides to stick them. This is obviously helped by you having a sticker that people want to actually put somewhere, though. Have you ever seen someone’s laptop covered with boring, plain stickers? We didn’t think so. Investing time and thought into the design of your sticker not only helps your brand stick out to al sorts of people, but it also helps incentivize them to actually stick them up on places that matter, whether that means their computer, a water bottle, their car, or even just a nearby wall with a lot of foot traffic. With a sticker that says something, you’ll have an army of people more than happy to share your brand for no cost to you (with the exception of the stickers themselves, of course).

Creativity helps your stickers stand out.

Stickers aren’t just reserved for handing out to every person you see on the street or who buys from your brand – they’re a great way to compliment any packaging you have as well, and by incorporating them on things like clothes and bags, you may even get people asking for them. If you’re looking for something else to help you stand out from the crowd, stickers also represent a great alternative to business cards, as they can contain all of the same information without any of the bore. Similarly, producing pone of stickers for specific sales or promos can give your brand a unique flavor – if customers are used to seeing new and fun stickers every time something new happens to your brand, it can give them a subtle way to know what to expect without saying anything. The last interesting marketing move we’d like to touch on is shipping labels – why you can use boring stickers for shipping products, why would you want to? Stickers can provide you with a bit of creative flair that can go a long way when it comes to sending products through the mail.

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box?

Stickers are absolutely a fun and unique way to advertise your business and show you aren’t like the rest of the boring brands out there. Considering the low cost of entry, why not invest for yourself today?

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