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How to Store Coffee at Home_ 7 Storing Tips

How to Store Coffee at Home_ 7 Storing Tips
  • PublishedNovember 22, 2021

If you love coffee, you will not let it get to waste. Right? The best way to protect coffee is to store it correctly. Irrespective of whether you use coffee pods or whole beans or ground beans, or instant coffee. If you are not storing it accurately, it will lose its flavor and aroma. It is the worst enemy of your cup of joe. Why? Because when you do not accurately store coffee, the weather conditions can spoil the coffee. Here are the things that affect coffee:

  • Sunlight: It can deplete the intricate flavor of coffee
  • Time: When you have coffee that dates back long, it will lose its flavor
  • Oxygen: The oxidation process depletes the flavor if beans have much exposure to oxygen.
  • Moisture: Coffee beans absorb the most humid properties of things near to them.

Tips to ensure your coffee stays fresh

Tip 1: Buy whole beans

The best tip to ensure your coffee stays fresh is to buy them whole. That is the best vessel you can use to store your beans. When you ground the coffee, the oxidation process starts, which depletes its flavor and aroma fast. Thus, it is best to buy whole coffee beans. Also, this ensures that you always drink a decadent cup of joe. Because when you use whole beans, grind them on-spot, it makes for the best coffee you will ever drink.

Tip 2: Store it on the shelf

It is best to store the whole or ground coffee on your shelf. Use a canister that is air-proof to store your beans. If you do not have one, ensure that you use a lock pin to safeguard the coffee and put it in a sealable bag.

Tip 3: Use a carousel for your coffee pods

Coffee pods are better as they stay fresh for a long time. Yet, you still need to store it in a way that ensures no external element can affect its taste. Thus, use a carousel to store it. Also, it makes for a fancy way to store your coffee and showcase your collection of coffee pods.

Tip 4: Freeze your beans only if necessary

Freezing your beans is a controversial topic when it comes to coffee beans. It is because when it comes to beans, the freshness is the best indicator of how well your coffee will taste. Thus, it is essential to get beans in a limited quantity and ground only the amount you want to use. Also, if you can roast coffee at home, it is best.

If you want to freeze beans, make sure you use an air-tight container that doesn’t expose the beans. Coffee is hygroscopic. So, it can absorb the moisture of other food nearby, which can alter its taste.

Tip 5: Buy only when you need coffee

The best tip for storing coffee is to buy the minimum and when you need it. Get small batches of coffee beans or instant coffee and use them immediately. Use air-tight containers or vacuum-sealed bags to store coffee. Also, make sure that you consume it fast. That is the best way to ensure that you always drink a fresh cup of joe.

Tip 6: Never refreeze your beans

One mistake that will undoubtedly impact the taste of your coffee is re-freezing them. If you take out a portion of beans, grind it, and use it, do not re-freeze it again. Instead, use an air-tight container and store the remaining beans in a dark place. That will make sure that you can use this coffee once more. To avoid all this, store coffee beans in small batches, or take out exact coffee, so you do not have to re-freeze it.

Tip 7: Never use a bean hopper

They stale the taste of the beans and the oil builds up when you grind them.

Now you know what can spoil the flavor of your coffee and how you can store it to ensure it doesn’t lose its flavor or aroma. Also, if you are interested in a coffee that requires less maintenance, go for coffee pods. They come in an aluminum pod, vacuum-sealed, ensuring that outside force doesn’t spoil your coffee. Intrigued? Then coffee pod shopping is easy with many farmers selling organic coffee online.

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