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Six Pro Tips to Plan a Successful Kitchen Remodel

kitchen design is unarguably the most crucial part of your house. Whether you cook often or not, you need to get every little element of this room right so your home looks beautiful and valued.

If you live in an old house or moved into a pre-fabricated residence, upscaling your kitchen may be required. such as Installing a new 24 x 18 undermount kitchen sink which will change the look of your kitchen. However, you don’t necessarily have to knock down the walls to fulfill this makeover.

kitchen remodel

You can hire an experienced kitchen designer and let him guide you through. That way the process will be less nerve-wracking, easier, and more successful.

For a better looking kitchen remodel, keep in mind the following tips –

Study Your Current Layout

There might be quite many mistakes in your existing kitchen remodel. It may be a narrow doorway, an extra-large fridge, or unplanned countertop placement. So, you must thoroughly look into it and create a sketch with proper measurements on a piece of paper. By having this information handy, a significant portion of your job would be done.

Consider Traffic Patterns

Knowing how many people in your family actually cook and the usual footfall in the area throughout the day, you can design your work aisles. The paths are recommended to be at least 36 inches wide and go up to 42 inches within the cooking zone. Once you are set, you can then decide the kitchen islands that would fit the area.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you are not planning for a full renovation, then something as simple as replacing your old electrical appliances would do great. Investing in a new coffee maker, refrigerator, and microwave that accurately fits around your other items in the area would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and also contribute to maximizing your potential savings.

Focus on Functionality

A kitchen has to be the most functional and user-friendly area of the house. The storage cabinets, lighting, countertops should not be just a ‘glamor’ element but serve their purpose of existence well. The distance amongst your kitchen sink, cooking top and refrigerator must be appropriate and not waste your steps while preparing meals. The daily utensils must be in reach, and waste bins close by.

Stick to Quality

Your countertops and kitchen cabinetry should speak of functionality and durability. And that can happen only when you aim at quality products in the market. You need not break your bank for it, but invest heartily in what you can afford. After all, it is for your personal use and if you plan to sell the property in the future, then of course, a rise in your potential sale value.

Be Mindful of Budget

Full-scale kitchen renovations can quickly go beyond your budget if not properly planned in advance. So, it is better to have a clear idea as to how much you can spend on the project and how far you can over and above that. Generally, it is a good rule to add another 10-20% for unexpected expenditures. It gives you a realistic financial cushion and helps your peace of mind.

So keep this in mind when going for kitchen remodel and design. Choose the contractor and discuss all the points listed above.