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Summer Water Activities In Toronto

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You may be missing out on summer water activities in Toronto.

Whether you’re a Toronto resident or visiting the city for a relaxing vacation, here’s a list of unforgettable summer activities on the water.

A paddle boat off Toronto

Take your workout routine to the water with a paddle boat on Toronto’s famous waterfront.

Toronto’s Budapest Park and Scarborough’s Bluffers Park are hotspots for paddling.


Do you want to work out regularly and stay in your places? Try SUP (stand-up paddle booting). Various organizations offer 30-60 minutes of instruction for these different water activities. You can also book these training sessions online on boat rental sites.

Explore the waterfront on a motorboat.

Toronto’s bustling waterfront never fails to delight you. Rent a boat for a waterfront boat ride and rent a motorboat online at Jetski Rentals Toronto. Be sure to include the following amazing places in your itinerary.

Queens Cove Terminal – .
A beautifully renovated terminal warehouse houses luxury shopping, luxury restaurants and luxury waterfront accommodation.
Waterfront Center – .
The waterfront’s renowned cultural center offers plenty of art galleries, workshops and activities for all ages!
Enjoy breathtaking views of the many watercraft docked on the beach at Toronto’s downtown marina. Experience wrestling culture up close. Don’t miss some of the antique shops in the marina!
Check out HTO Park, Toronto’s latest “city beach.”

Experience the thrill of sailing on a luxurious sailboat.

Want to experience traditional travel culture? Rent a sailing yacht from an online boat rental site and embark on a popular rowing experience.


Sail Toronto’s beaches, learn a few things about air travel, and read the waves.


Depart from Harbor Front Center and discover majestic views of the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario.

Nat Tour I Kayak

Who says you can only enjoy summer when the sun is shining? Traveling at night allows you to experience the mystical beauty of Toronto’s waters.


Departed at South Kingsway Boat Launch Hub. Take a dip in the Humber River or cross the Humber Bay Arch Bridge into magnificent Lake Ontario.




Participate in water polo.

Summer is for relaxing. But for some, summer is also about keeping your heart pumping and active. Looking for a fun summer activity?


Look no further as the Mavericks Water Polo & Swimming Club is offering a summer water polo league for those interested in getting active this season.


The program is scheduled to run from June 20 through August

Jet boat on Niagara Lake

If you visit Toronto, don’t miss the amazing Niagara Falls. Rent a jet boat and get ready for the adrenaline high speed adventure of discovering Niagara on the lake. These high-speed boats can glide and tear through Niagara’s White Falls.


This is a great water activity to try with a group of friends and a great drive from the city. Online party boat rentals in Toronto recommend renting a boat at least two weeks in advance.


Rediscover the Toronto skyline from a new angle.

During the day, the sunshine is always full of excitement and fun, while the sunset provides peace and unparalleled beauty. Rent a Toronto yacht and enjoy the most amazing tour of the city: Toronto’s water is amazing!


Remember to bring your camera and take some Instagram-worthy pictures.

CN Tower – Aye.
Known for its height of 553 meters (1815 feet), the tower has the distinction of being the second tallest in the world!
Rogers Center – .
Home to Toronto’s basketball and soccer teams, this sports stadium building is known for its incredibly innovative roof.
Financial Tower –
The magnificent skyscraper on the Toronto skyline is famous Canadian financial institution, including First Canadian Place.
Jet Ski Rentals in Niagara

Your afternoon couldn’t be better. If you haven’t had the privilege of jet skiing around the lake, give it a shot in Niagara Falls.


Jetski rentals Toronto offers jetskis easily online. Seating arrangements prior to booking. Jet skiing is a great recreational water activity for a great afternoon on the water with friends or family.

Don’t forget to party.

You can fully enjoy the splendor of the city without having an interesting party night. Rent a private yacht and take to the water for a party this summer.


You have complete freedom to decide on everything from destinations and party themes to food. Dance to your heart’s content or satisfy your taste buds with BBQ on board – the possibilities are endless. Let’s get the party started!


Heat and cold water are some of the things made in paradise. And Toronto weather never runs out of opportunities for some amazing water activities. Rent your pot and prepare to turn on the heat!