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The Benefits of Javascript Protection

In the market you are likely to come across a host of JavaScript protection tools. So the choice of the right one is all about understanding your needs and evaluating the wider implications of software licensing. This method is often referred to as obfuscation as it is the process that renames the variables or names in the code which is readable to the people who are not familiar with your application. Then the code is compiled on to a machine language that turns out to be a jumbled breakdown of characters that the hacker would be decipher. A lot of developers have the process done on to their code that protects the software from unwanted tapering. There are a series of benefits associated with JavaScript protection as follows

Prevention of runtime errors

If there is a compiled code, humans cannot easily read it trying to figure out on how you went on to build it. What it means is that there would be less number of people who will be intentionally or unintentionally making the changes where changes may cause the errors to emerge in the code. Once you are using JavaScript protection tools, the objective is to enhance performance, and speed up the operation of your application. No one is going to leave anything behind with introduction of errors down the lane.

Avoiding memory leaks

For any application memory leaks are a major issue. But with web applications it turns out to be a major cause of worry as they rank among the resource centric of all. What it means is that you have to keep everything streamlined and efficient so that the software does not lag during the stages of operation. Apart from reducing the possibility of memory leaks, or other software errors JavaScript ensures that a clean slate code is maintained for your application. Things should not be stored in the code that needs to be part of Java Scripting protection.

Faster to the end user

Java Script is written for the client end, then it would require the web’s server support for execution. There has to be compilation at the client side that would provide it with certain speed advantages. Since the script is executed on the user’s computer the results are arrived instantly. An example is that you may validate it any user output before you send out a request to the user. The load on the server is less.


When you compare JavaScript to other programming languages, it is easy to learn. Ease of learning along with simplicity are some of the major attractions of Java Script as the code can be developed along with HTML using Notepad. Since it is less complicated than other languages, this means that all the functional features can be added with the help of DOM model.


JavaScript is not only an easy language to learn, but you can use it in an easy manner. This is available in a pre- installed manner on any modern browser so that there are no hassles of installing it in an explicit manner. When you compare it to Pearl or PHP, to any web page Java Script can be installed independently or be it any kind of applications.

Online support

Another significant advantage of JavaScript is that it is a popular language. The reason being you are able to help from online tutorials or forums for the project. Since with the emergence of this form of technology Node JS  is gaining popularity. Even it would be easy for back end developers to locate top notch functionality on to web projects.

Modern form of scripting language

It may sound as a surprise to many, but Java Script is one of the most competent languages available in the market to develop web projects. Features in the form of drag and drop along with sliders, most of them go on to enhance the interface and provide a classy experience on to the website. The developers have the freedom to develop Snippets of JavaScript and extend their functionality.

The points of consideration with JavaScript

The JavaScript turns out to be a client side scripting language, which rather than an interpreter serves a compiler. In spite of the benefits there are some points of consideration with the language.

According to Appselling JavaScript is a client side scripting language, it becomes easy for a malicious user to manipulate the bugs. Due to the limitation of JavaScript users may be prone to various forms of attacks. Hackers are able to exploit the user system by operating malicious code on the client machine. For this reason some people find it better to disable JavaScript on their browser.

Each and everything that you have written in JavaScript code is visible to everyone who views the web page. This means that it becomes easy for a programmer to copy paste the same functionality based on the codes that is generated by you. There are some type of websites that happens to be dependent on JavaScript to be operational on the client side. Hence if you are going to disable JavaScript in the browser, the entire JavaScript code is not going to be in operation. If you happen to disable them you are not going to use some of the features in the website and in the worst case you will be stuck on it due to the functionality part. This may turn out to be a cause of worry with JavaScript.

Being an old language it has been sunk in by a variety of advanced level languages. There are numerous scripting languages on offer that enables  you to achieve the same or an advanced degree of functionality with the same level of effort.

To sum up things being one of the oldest form of scripting languages, JavaScript is one of the reliable client end languages that is operational at an independent level. But developers tend to look out for alternatives to enhance the functional aspects.