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The Best Adhesives for Your Custom Packaging

Awais Irshad
Awais Irshad
6 Min Read

You can easily find many articles on how the custom packaging should be, what kind of finishing you should opt for, the style, and everything else, but it rarely happens that someone informs you about the industrial adhesives you use. You already know that packaging comes in different styles, from all types of edibles to gadgets. Every product requires a different sort of adhesive. You cannot seal-pack your food, whereas you cannot put an ineffective adhesive on a smartphone’s box.

Custom Packaging

We will go through various adhesives today to see how they work and which is suitable for which box.


Plastic has been the most prominent material for packaging. It has remained on the top for ages until it started to show its effect on nature. You must have seen that low-density plastic bags are used to take out the trash, or you can use them to carry stuff. On the other hand, high-density plastic bags are cherished for carrying chemical products like a bleaching agent or shampoo, etc.

The retails packaging

You have to keep the bond strength at the top of your mind regarding plastic packaging. Please note that UV curable adhesives are pretty useful with all types of plastic. However, you may need an epoxy-based adhesive for special plastic packaging to acquire a better degree of tractability. Hot melts are often applied to glue plastic materials.


In the world of paper packaging, corrugated, paperboard or bags are quite common. You have to use water- or solvent-based adhesives or hot glues for this kind of packaging. We would suggest using thermoplastic adhesives or water-based ones for a safe experience regarding the packaging of edibles. Though, boxes with seals and tags use solvent-based adhesives for rich results, such as customly printed vape cartridge boxes.


It is regarded as the best option to have the safest experience with your products. Your gadgets or fragile products, such as glass or spectacles, are often delivered enfolded in foam layers. You have to use pressure-sensitive adhesives to give a lasting time to the packaging. Foam packaging is protective and long-lasting.

It is essential to know that you have to use hot melts when using corrugated foam packaging due to their heat stability and wet tack features.


Aluminum foil is the most used material when it comes to packing food. They are also useful in the automotive and medical sectors. It is important because of its chemical properties which allow the glue or pastes to maintain their strength. Epoxy adhesives consist of resin and curing agents which help the aluminum packaging against acids, bases, and solvents.

We would like to shed some more light on pressure-sensitive adhesives as they are popular in the adhesive industry. The right adhesive will make your product and packaging look great. From the point of shipping to the buying, customers will have a wholesome experience. You might not really see it but poor adhesives eventually push your consumers away. Your messed-up boxes will not sell the product, no matter how excellent it is, if it is prone to damage in the box.

Let’s dive deep and see how pressure-sensitive labels are applied. You mostly need plain, coated papers, such as Kraft, to stick your labels on the surface with the option to take it off easily. It can be attached with a quality adhesive, as some can be reapplied, which leaves an impression on the customers. Now you use facestock – a layer on the top of the thermal label – on which you print to woo your buyers. You can use paper, foil, or film as your face stock. To see an example of excellent packaging, explore leading packaging companies.

You only get one chance to attract the customers and your vibrant and attractive products can fail miserably if they go through a bad adhesive experience with your company. Your adhesive’s performance plays an important part in retaining the customers. More than six persons of 10 stated that they had revisited a brand because of their packaging and performance. So, having the right adhesive will make you stand tall in the crowd.

We have discussed various adhesives for different materials, such as glass, plastic, and aluminum. Do not worry that there are only a few adhesives, which were discussed in this post. There are also bonding agents for your metallic products, flexible items or squeezable ones. You can easily apply and take them off, and they work on all types of surfaces. The United States’ national body, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has a series of guidelines for adhesive with edible products on their website. You can check it out for a better understanding.

A well-packed product aims to ensure it descends in the hearts of the customers. Your effort and value are reflected in the packaging and all its necessary elements. Make sure you shine with a premium-quality adhesive.

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