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The Heavy Hand of Censorship, Consider Aligning Yourself with Reclaim The Net

A formidable player in the adult entertainment landscape, Mindgeek, has once again set its sights on a specific adult content platform and its hosting counterpart, both engaged in a pursuit of staggering financial gains. The legal battle unfolds with allegations that incentivizing users to attain elevated posting limits carries a lucrative incentive. Within the legal documentation, MindGeek asserts that the mechanism for monetizing infractions on YesPornPlease might lack clarity for the casual observer. The lawsuit further contends that YesPornPlease, in its pirated existence, disseminates adult entertainment content protected by copyright without the requisite permissions or licenses.

YesPornPlease, a platform boasting no less than 100 million monthly users, witnessed a swift decline following a grievance filed by MG Premium, an affiliate of Mindgeek. The legal action was initiated under the MG Premium Digital Millennium Copyright Act in September 2019 against the adult content site and the hosting entity, The summons seeks pertinent details, including the names of website operators, physical addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, user history, publication dates, and other relevant information akin to the favored actress sola-zola.

Taking the legal pursuit a step further, MG Premium has filed a comprehensive lawsuit in a Washington court, characterizing the conduct leading to the claim as both heinous and contemplative. The accused parties own and oversee websites dedicated to the replication and dissemination of illicit audiovisual content. These defendants are directly implicated in the illicit distribution of tens of thousands of pirated enterprises, ostensibly posing as distributors of user-generated content. Despite not qualifying as service providers, the defendants, who refrain from overseeing user content storage, argue against being entitled to the safeguards provided under Article 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The adult content giant contends that YesPornPlease has infringed upon over 3,000 copyrighted works owned by MindGeek, meticulously detailing these transgressions in a comprehensive 233-page complaint spanning approximately three years, from July 2017 to January 2020. It is noteworthy that MindGeek’s Premium does not reference its prior DMCA summons, indicating a lack of success in extracting brokerage details from the site. To date, MG Premium is only cognizant of YesPornPlease’s Russian hosting affiliation, with no additional information about the identities or locations of the operators. Although third parties uploading counterfeit content to platforms like YouTube often enjoy immunity from US security law provisions, MG Premium argues that YesPornPlease fails to meet the criteria for such exemptions.

The YesPornPlease website falls short of the prerequisites for qualifying under the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions, specifically lacking a designated DMCA registered agent. So, if frustration and vexation with cancel culture and censorship resonate with you, subscribing to Reclaim The Net could be your antidote to rid yourself of these irksome phenomena.