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The method of blocking the Spying Eye : Hacking of Webcam

Whether it’s a webcam, smartphone camera or surveillance system camera, it can spy on your personal life and record all your activities from the comfort of your own home. Brilliant, don’t you see?

How do these threats reach the device?
Such hacking acts access your device in many unexpected ways. The most common one is the (RAT) Remote Access Trojan. This bad practice is when you give access to an untrusted company or technician and allow them full control of your device. Many companies use remote access to solve customer technical problems. But not everyone is considered a threat.

Remote access can be very useful and part of new world technology, saving time and effort. However, fighting happens when you give access to an untrustworthy entity that could just be a hacker who wants to spy on your home.

Another serious concern is that remote access gives hackers full control of the device, which means that every stroke, private message and search history is monitored and controlled by the hacker.

Surprisingly, remote access isn’t the only door to the device. Many cyber threats, such as Subsun, Poison-IV and Backoffice, are most likely through malicious attachments, fake websites, spam emails or some other method of accessing devices.

A strong password is required. While some may think that a fingerprint lock takes security to the next level, it actually just complements the password, which is the device’s first line of defense.

Once hackers gain access to your device, they can track your location, see your search history, see your messages, spy on your calls, see you through your smartphone camera nor many others. You can install spyware to do wonderful spy work.

Spyware Security Tips
The use of incredible technology has had a huge impact on people around the world. No matter where you live, taking a close look around you shows you how important technology is.

Like everything in life, technology has a cost, and unfortunately it comes at the cost of our privacy, but something can be done about it. In fact, there are some tips and precautions to avoid such attacks. According to, the following are the most effective tips for protecting against spyware.

If you don’t use your webcam regularly, you can cover or disable it, just to make sure hackers can’t use your device if they find a way to control it. Even former FBI Director Mark Zuckerberg has his webcams recorded, why don’t you!
Keep device software up to date, including operating systems, browsers and other tools.
Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments, and don’t share your computer screen with anyone else unless you know and are sure it will only help you solve the problem.
Never run your device without a reliable antivirus. This move will save days especially when using one of the best antivirus software in the market that many internet users have tried and appreciated.
Spy eyes are hard to spot, and you won’t know someone is spying on your personal life until the accident happens. If an attacker finds a way to get to your device, this problem is compounded by potentially unlimited possibilities. Such warnings should be enough to enable you to take serious action against them and protect your equipment from such dangerous damage.