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The whole information about the Call of Duty-Warzone game

Times Call of Duty: War Zone is a favorite among all Gamehawks. It’s an exciting multiplayer game that combines Call of Duty’s unique FPS weapon game with an exciting battle royale style.

COD: If you’re that passionate about Warzone and want to play like all the pros, you’re in the right place. As beginners, players often struggle with game strategies and moves. This is where such leaders come to the rescue. This tutorial will introduce you to the tested points for playing COD: Warzone.

Increase your sensitivity.

COD: Warzone needs more sensitivity if you want to win. Many beginners make the mistake of lowering their sensitivity from 3 to 5, which is too slow for the game.

Sensitivity between 7 and 10 is a good choice to help you switch between enemies and scan your surroundings in seconds. After playing in this area for a while, you can increase the sensitivity to 15, but no more or the game will mess up.

Go to the map.

When landing on the map, be sure to land in designated areas. These designated locations are known as attractive locations and often provide appropriate teammates and prey.

If you land in a crowded area, take a detour and explore the uncharted territory alone. You can search houses and other places to get gear for the game.

You will need to hire a parachute expert to land in your favorite areas. You need to know how to control your speed and when to land. Remember the parachute must be handled manually for a safe landing after the first landing.

Get custom loads.

The loadout from the supply box is not enough to win the game. COD: If you want to continue in the warzone, grab the exchange boxes and try to pick up a custom loadout.

Custom loadouts also allow you to build whatever you want. Lowouts like the SMG (MP7 or MP5) and snipers like the Car98 and X50 can help eliminate enemies at a distance.

Pay attention to movements

If you want to survive in the city of Verdunsk, you have to be careful with your actions. Four basic leg movements: crawling, running, jumping and sliding.

Crawling helps them hide in nearby bushes and other cover. You can assume a good shooting position when crawling. Sprinting is not considered a very safe move because of the risk of killing nearby enemies. Don’t rely too much on running and just exercise when you need to.

Go up the wall or window and jump over an obstacle. In addition, sliding helps to quickly reset cover during combat. Note, however, that the slip will occur after the first sprint.

Choose your accessories carefully.

In COD you will find two types of tools: Battlefield – Lethal and Strategy. Clinging to His name is a deadly weapon to destroy your enemies, and the strategies are to find, confuse or distract your enemies.

Seed grenades, clay pots, C4, cocktails, Molotov cocktails, throwing knives, Semitex, termites are some of the deadly weapons. There are also heart rate sensors, lightning grenades, smoke grenades, impact grenades, stalks, decoy grenades and other tactical devices.

to plunder

Plunder is an important part of the COD war zone. Don’t just look at what’s lying on the floor, look at the supply box as well. These boxes can contain ammunition, weapons, and money.

Save all the stolen weapons and money. The money will help you get advanced gear, which is crucial to winning the game. So loot as much as possible.

Take the weapon from the mall.

The shopping station is stocked with all the supplies you need. Use the loot to progress in the game to obtain upgraded ammo.

But there are risk factors involved in buying a station. As a fixed point in the game, all enemies know the shopping station so perhaps they are waiting to attack you. So be careful before you buy.


Here is a summary of the introductory guide to the COD version. If you’ve just started playing, follow these tips to stay in the game longer