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Things To Consider When Buying Table Fire Pit
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Things To Consider When Buying Table Fire Pit 

A modern table fire pit is the ideal outdoor entertainment fixture that provides convenient lighting and warmth for your outdoor space. A fire pit table is well equipped for outdoor entertainment and offers easy lighting, comfort, and a table surface for setting things up. Adding a fire pit table creates a special and unforgettable setting that provides plenty of warmth and atmosphere with a warm, genuine flame. There is plenty to choose from, from modern and trendy styles to rustic and more ornamental versions.

Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect fire pit table that best compliments your room and lifestyle outdoors.

What sort of table fuel would you use for a fire pit?

There are several different types of fuel available that will power a fire pit table, each with a specific set of features and quality of burning. Read on for information on each type of fuel to help decide the best fuel source that matches your lifestyle and needs.


Propane is the most commonly used fuel in outdoor heating equipment like patio heaters and grills. Propane provides a clean-burning fire, which makes it suitable for use in fire pit tables. Propane is stored in propane tanks that are conveniently connected to the table in the fire pit and are often covered.

Gas Natural

Built-in fire pit tables attach to a line of natural gas that is ideal for consumers who regularly use their outdoor space because there is no need to refill used propane tanks. A permanent line of natural gas means consumers never have to think about powering the pit table, but the comfort of a portable fire pit table is also lacking. Installing an integrated fire pit table involves skilled installation to securely attach a line of natural gas, which can prove costly.


The most basic way of generating warmth and light outside is burning wood. This natural approach can be cost-effective in addition to using propane tanks.


Charcoal creates a regulated, even heat, which produces a small flame. It’s a simple, comfortable, and easy way to fuel a table in a fire pit.

Bio- Ethanol

Bio-ethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel source, ideal for families, that does not emit smoke, ash, or embers. This fuel is highly powerful and is clean burning.


The gel is another alternative fuel that does not emit odor or smell.

What is Fire pit table size right for you?

When selecting the perfect fire pit table for your outdoor room, consider both the function of your outdoor area and its setting. Take into account the layout of your room, from the arrangement of furniture to the size, scale, and environment architecture. Firepit tables are available in a range of sizes to fill several spaces from tiny 20-inch models to massive 45-inch models. Firepit tables measuring 20-25 inches are suitable in compact spaces such as decks, patios, or porches, while large models measuring 40-45 inches make an impressive centerpiece in a large seating arrangement for a perfect outdoor lounge.

Building materials used for fire pit table constructions

The fire pit tables are made from high-quality materials to keep an open, authentic flame safely. Material options for fire pit tables vary from sleek, metal models to rustic designs, made from natural materials to match any outdoor aesthetics. — all materials are checked for protection and acceptable outdoor use, and each type of material carries a range of unique features based on aesthetic and functional preference. The few commonly used materials are stainless steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, bronze, wicker, fiberglass, and faux.

Shop4patio offers a wide range of fire pit tables to choose from. So get in touch with them to check which one is for you!

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