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Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom Kraft Paper Bags
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Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom Kraft Paper Bags 

Shopping bags are a compulsory part of your store or brand because you can pack various items in a single paper bag. So, a customer can hold products conveniently. You will probably notice multiple types of paper bags that brands mostly use. Each of the papers has its own merits like printing ability, firmness or sturdiness of the paper bag, the thickness of the paper bags, and many more. If you’re curious, explore the various forms of paper bags before buying one for your shop or brand.

Then make sure you have read this comprehensive guide to save your money and time because there are certain things that you should know before buying them. To check out the Kraft packaging options, you can visit Let us jump into the topic.

Paper Materials

There are three most common options available for paper bags, and all of the packaging firms can be easily offered to fulfill your needs.

  1. Simili Paper: This paper option is the thinnest, lightest, and is very cheap.
  2. Art Paper: Art paper is much thicker than the simile paper. Therefore the prices of this paper are a bit higher, but this paper type provides you with a significant printing quality.
  3. Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is much stronger compared to the above two types. Kraft paper has a high volume of elasticity that makes it special to bear a bit heavier weight. So we will enlighten over the various aspects of the Kraft paper in this article.

Kraft Paper Types

There are three types of Kraft papers that are mentioned below:

  • SBS C1s: This paper type has one side coating that makes it unique for marketing and printing purposes.
  • CUK: This type of Kraft paper is much more durable; therefore, this type of Kraft paper is readily available in every store to hold the various products.
  • Specialty Paper: This type is much more delicate than the others, so this type of paper is heavily used in high tech products and printing purposes.

Should I choose Kraft paper bags for my brand?

After understanding the various types of Kraft paper, now it’s time to understand which type of paper is the most suitable for your business. We can make it even easier for you so you can better understand. For instance, if you have a restaurant or have a food stall and want to wrap/pack your food item so customers can take it easy, then you should use the SBS C1s type. While on the other hand, if you run a departmental store and want a much durable and thick paper bag so the various products can easily be held in a bag, you should go with CUK type because of its durability.

Kraft Window Boxes
Kraft Window Boxes

Furthermore, if you have a clothing brand and want a high-quality bag that presents your brand’s values, you must choose the third option of specialty Kraft paper.

In addition to this, we have given the most common and effective reasons why you should choose Kraft paper bags for your business. So stay with us till the end of this article.

  • It is an eco-friendly material. So, these bags can be recycled multiple times to make another.
  • Environmental-friendly and can be dissolved into nature without releasing any harm or toxic subsequent.
  • Offers multiple thicknesses so you can choose according to your need as well as according to your budget.
  • It can make a great combination of a water-resistant layer that can be easily implemented on Kraft paper.
  • A wide range of handle options can be implemented on Kraft paper bags such as ribbon, handle robe, and even paper handle options.


We have tried our best to address all the information regarding the Kraft paper bags. We hope after reading this detailed blog post, you will learn many things related to your paper bags questions. Paper bags are used for gift packaging too. You can also have a look at the foldable rigid gift boxes. They are made up of rigid stock and are used for the gift packaging along with the paper bags.

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