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Things To Consider When Seeking Legal Representation For Sexual Assault

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With the recent news of sexual assault allegations, it is apparent that sexual assault is a toxic stigma worldwide. As more investigations into sexual harassment and other legal violations are being conducted, it is important for victims to seek a professional lawyer from Gallian Defense Firm with experience when such crimes have taken place. Here are different factors that need to prioritize your search for a professional government lawyer who will stand behind you no matter what happens.

Rights and Responsibilities of an Attorney

Every person who’s ever sought legal representation for sexual assault or rape knows that it can be a frightening process, with little knowledge of what to expect ahead of time.

Needless to say, an attorney is the one who will help guide you through this process, so choosing one can be challenging.

Before choosing an attorney, understand what their responsibilities are. There are a wide variety of issues that can come up when you seek legal counsel from an attorney. It is important to understand what the potential outcome could be in some cases in order to feel comfortable and confident with your legal representation.

Speaking to a Lawyer

No one should have to go through this alone. It is important that you seek legal representation, but first consider these factors: are you certain of your perpetrator, who else may be involved in the case, and how confident do you need to feel about pressing charges? If you are unsure or anxious about speaking with a lawyer, talk to a rape crisis center in your area.

Types of Victims

It’s easy to connect with legal help after being sexually assaulted, but understanding what kind of representation is likely to be the most beneficial often proves difficult. There are two major types of victims: direct and indirect. Direct cases typically include victims that come in contact with the sexual assault right away and strong evidence; whereas an indirect case may require extending their pain over a long period of time, even if it leads to other physical or mental consequences.

Who qualifies for a victim’s compensation?

Victims of rape or sexual assault are eligible for up to one thousand dollars (USD) payments through the Crime Victims Compensation program. Victims need not prove their losses but can qualify with evidence documents such as medical bills and police reports. For example, if someone is sexually assaulted, it may be a good opportunity to apply for victim’s compensation. You must prove that the assault caused some type of injury and required attending such services as physical, psychiatric or other healthcare services within a certain time frame.

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