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Retirement Property

Delhi, India’s political center, is of great historical significance and people of contented hearts and lively nature. We migrated from the southern part of India to Delhi because of my dad’s job transfer. Years went on, we grew up, and my dad decided to buy a home in Delhi with his retirement savings. The benefits of living in Delhi are immense, from the bustling wholesale market to incredible ancient monuments, Delicious food, the Best shopping destination, Easy commutation, and a hub for education and career. The growth opportunities and the workforce demand influxes many migrants into the capital city over the years. Though Delhi’s prime areas’ property rates are high, the real estate builders and developers offer homes with good discounts and competitive pricing. This benefits the home buyers in buying a dream home – A flat / An Apartment on a low budget. So prepare yourselves by knowing the things to be taken care of while purchasing a new home.


Where exactly you want to own a house?

What type of home do you want to own?

Do you know the total price of the house you want to buy?

Location: It’s the first important factor that has to be considered for the home’s present and future valuation. The buyer should ensure a proper infrastructure plan such as appropriate road facilities, bus and metro connectivity, supermarkets, hospitals, a school for children, Airports, adequate drainage, and drinking water from corporations, danger-free zone, silent community, etc. They were together, visualizing the livability in the area.

You know about the different types /styles of homes. That matches your dream one. Take a look at the various kinds of homes and see what type fits your needs—starting from Huts and Shamiana.

These types of homes have their advantages and disadvantages and not every kind is suitable for every person. So, depending upon the people’s lifestyle and priorities, they can choose from these wide selections available.

Budget planning (Loan/ Mortgage): We have to know how much we can invest in/ allocate for a new home from our savings and how it’s going to impact the expenses in the upcoming months. Usually, we assume that the price of the property is the total price. We pay in cash on the full go settlement or in the loan. If we pay through home loan options, the total cost will add up the loan payment, down payment, Interest, and monthly installments. We have to check whether we can afford and within our budget. If so, we have to forecast its net worth for a long time. Second, the checklist for verifying legal documents:


• Clear Residential title / Encumbrance Certificate: A clear title, also called a clean tag or perfect title, is the Ownership claim to an asset or a property that is free of all encumbrances ( such as known claims, the court – attachments, liens, pending agreements, etc.). So verify the title of the seller before buying it. Documents such as passport, SSN Number / Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc. Confirms the identity of the seller. The encumbrance certificate may also be an issue by the corporation for the evidence that the property is free from any legal and monetary liabilities – marketable title.

• 1.Verifying the identity of the seller: Residence Status, Nationality of the seller, Identification of all owner in case of properties held jointly or whether the seller is a company, trust, partnership firm, society, construction company, etc….orders from the competent court if the seller is a minor or person of unsound mind, should also be verified.

• 2.Approvals for Land and the Building plan: If it’s an apartment/Land with constructed buildings, the buyers should check for the layout plan/building plan sanctioned by the local municipal authorities along with the Government and regulatory approvals for infrastructure facilities, electricity, fire safety approval, sewage, water supply, environmental clearance, etc.

• 3.Conversion and Land use permissions: check whether the seller has got the land conversion and land use approval from local authorities when the agricultural lands are converted into non – agricultural lands for the Residential or commercial purposes.

• 4. Status of the property tax payment: The buyer has to verify that the seller is making regular payments on property taxes with the local authorities. If it is not so, the buyer has to take over the charges on the non – payment of property taxes in the future.

• 5. An Occupancy Certificate ( OC ) / completion certificate: The document is issued at the end of construction by a local government agency, certifying a building’s compliance with applicable building codes and laws and is suitable for occupancy.

• 6. Physical Inspection of the property: The buyers have to do a biological survey on the property, confirming its measurement, floor plans, etc., basic amenities like proper Electrical connections, Water supply, Heating / Cooling system (Depends on the location of home ), Energy-saving appliances like solar panels, UPS / Generators, car parking space/ garage area, etc….If it’s an apartment in a community, he has to know about the facilities like clubhouse, Indoor sports room, Library, outdoor parks, Swimming pool, etc., and its maintenance charges. Suppose it’s a villa or a separate home. In that case, they have to check for its proper boundaries with the neighboring family, i.e., compound walls or fences, CCTV cameras, Garden area, Backyard, Basement rooms, etc.

home renovation loan

• HOME OFFICE: Over 13 Million People have the flexibility to work from home. So, there should be enough space to set up a Home Office for the buyers.

• OPEN KITCHEN: Open Kitchen design is the trend of joining the kitchen and the Living room into a single area. Many buyers prefer an Open Kitchen to hear and see what’s going on in the Living Room while preparing meals. You can talk and mingle when you cook and give easy access to the dining table to serve dishes.

• LEAK FREE HOUSE: Waterproofing in Delhi is always a concern where leakage happens due to rainwater or faulty plumbing.

• HARDWOOD FLOORING / TILES: Hardwood flooring adds Elegance, a bit of Warmth, Easy to clean, Strong and Durable, Looks good with all the Decor Themes, Cost-effective, and colors don’t fade compared to Carpets. So most buyers look for this feature in their home. Many Indian Houses prefer Tiles, compared to Mosaic floors for Easy cleaning and low maintenance.

• ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMES: Using Solar panels, Solar water heating, Using highly Insulated Doors and Windows, Super – seal of the Building envelopes, etc., will help us to save the operating costs / Utility bills. So, the majority of buyers, nearly about 90 %, prefer Energy efficient homes.

• SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY: This gives an Automated / Remote Control of your home appliances like Home Security Systems, Garage door openers, washing Machines, CCTV Camera, Turning the Lights off, even Grilling chicken in an electric smoker, Vacuuming the floors, etc. Most young buyers prefer this Smart home technologies for their homes.

Our suggestion to get a home inspection done before buying a home. Also checkout, best waterproofing contractor in Chennai.

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