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Things You Need To Know Before Buying SPC Flooring

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spc flooring

One can’t make the choice of even the smallest interior element without knowing all the pros and cons of that essential. In other words, there is no way possible that the selection of home interior flooring can be made without knowing everything about that particular option. And here, we’re talking about SPC flooring as a home floor choice.

If you’re concerned about whether an SPC floor will prove to be an ideal option for your home interior or you should look for another option, then you’ve come to just the right place. As we all know, nothing is perfect in this materialistic world, and therefore, like all other types of flooring choices, SPC floors do carry some drawbacks, as well.

And having that said, it becomes difficult to know whether or not the plus points of this product will be able to overcome the downside thus, making it worth investing in. For this purpose, this article by Design Furniture will cover all the advantages and disadvantages of SPC flooring so as to help you make a decision based on legit facts.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide To Choosing SPC Floors For Your Home Interior

Before we move on to describing the benefits and drawbacks of SPC flooring, you should have had a clear-cut understanding of the composition of SPC floors. Basically, SPC stands for stone-plastic composite flooring that comprises stone powder and PVC plastic in proportionate ratios as the base construction materials.

Additionally, this flooring system mimics the real wood design and texture up to a great extent and therefore, offers a visually appealing surface. All the other beneficial features along with the demerits are described below.

The Fundamental Significance Of Having SPC Home Flooring

First, we’ll explain to you briefly all the plus points that you’ll enjoy with the purchase of SPC home flooring.

1. A Versatile Flooring Choice Indeed

The first and foremost thing to be looked at is the versatility factor for any type of home flooring option. In this concern, you won’t be disappointed because you’ll have the freedom to choose from a diverse collection of astonishing options in terms of texture, color, patterns, etc.

Hence, irrespective of the décor and styling approach of your home interior, you will always find a flooring system that can uplift the aesthetics of your place.

2. The Ability To Mimic Real Wood Floors

SPC flooring Dubai can become the ideal alternative to genuine hardwood flooring. Thus, this product purchase will offer the appearance of a hardwood floor while you’ll pay for SPC flooring, essentially paying far less!

4. Inexpensive Compared To Many Other Options

In comparison to hardwood and many other types of flooring options, you will find SPC floors way more affordable and worth investing in. Also, this choice will prove to be a long-term better investment for you.

5. An Ideal Option For High-Traffic Interiors

If you’re looking for an option that can withstand high traffic without any signs of wear and tear, then there could be nothing better than SPC flooring in this budget range.

6. A Hard-Wearing & Lifelong Flooring Solution

It goes without saying that the ability to withstand high traffic comes from being highly durable and resilient. Therefore, it becomes pre-understood that SPC floor choice will last much longer than your expectations if cleaned and maintained properly and on time.

7. Not Prone To Scratch Damage

You’ll find this floor offering promising results against most types of common damages like scratches, cuts, etc. This ability of SPC and laminate flooring adds another safety feature to your valuable investment.

8. Offers Resistance To Moisture & Stain Damage

For being resistant to staining and moisture damage, SPC floors are in high demand because these are the most common types of damages that can lead to the waste of your precious purchase.

9. Can Be Cleaned & Maintained Efficiently

When it comes to the aspects of cleaning and maintenance, you won’t find any difficulties with the choice of SPC flooring for your home interior. Because all you need to do is to sweep and mop regularly for keeping your home floors shiny and bright in appearance.

As far as the maintenance is concerned, you won’t have to be extremely cautious as in the case of hardwood flooring because that if mishandled can damage the hardwood flooring texture.

The De-Merits Of Having SPC Home Flooring

As mentioned above, you can’t make an ideal, informed decision until and unless you’ve clearly understood what you’re investing in and that is not possible without knowing the drawbacks of SPC flooring.

1. Can’t Add To The Resale Value Of Your Home

Like real hardwood flooring, you will be enjoying the delightful appearance, however, there won’t be an addition to the resale value of your property with SPC flooring.

2. Can’t Be Removed Efficiently

If you’re planning to install some other type of flooring and want to put in place an SPC floor for the time being, then let’s add to your knowledge that you’ll find it really difficult to remove SPC flooring tiles/planks because of the adhesives.

3. Can Get Damaged By Sharp Objects

Abrasive cleaning agents, heavy furniture, or any type of sharp object can cause irreversible damage to SPC home flooring. Therefore, if you plan to make this choice, then you’ll have to be extremely careful when dealing with any of these factors.

4. Not Able To Be Refinished For Appearance

No doubt, the general wear, and tear will make your SPC floor lose its shiny appearance with the passage of time. However, you’ll be disappointed to know that you won’t be able to refinish r repair the floor surface after any damage.

The Verdict

We’ve briefly yet thoroughly explained all the merits and demerits of having SPC flooring installed in the home interior. And, we can conclude that this can be an ideal choice in case, you’re looking for a durable, resilient, resistant, graceful, and long-lasting floor option.

And having that said, we can say that the benefits of SPC flooring efficiently overpower the drawbacks and becomes the best flooring choice under your budget requirements. And, all you need to do is to be a little more cautious about the cleaning and maintenance of SPC flooring.

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