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Tips for Students Who Want to Earn Money While Studying

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Earning a degree can be quite expensive, especially if you can’t rely on grants or financial aid. There is tuition, books, housing, and food, and let’s not forget to have some fun every once in a while. All these things can cost a lot of money and more and more students want to earn money while studying to cover all these costs. Here is a list that can help you out in case you are one of those students who wants to earn money while studying.

There are several ways to earn money while studying and most of them fall in one of two categories: on-campus jobs for students and off-campus jobs for students. On-campus work opportunities are jobs that are located within the boundaries of your campus. These jobs have the advantage of not having a long commute and on-campus employers are often more understanding about academic demands and changing class schedules. With an off-campus job, you have more choice in employers, but the downside is the commute between work and school, and these employers might not be as accommodating to your class schedule as on-campus employers.

  1. Barista or waiter

College campuses are full of places to eat or drink something, and they always need staff to help them out. If you enjoy the hustle-and-bustle of serving people, this is the perfect job for you. The benefit of an on-campus job as a barista is that you can meet a lot of your fellow students and teachers and that work and classes are always close by. The benefit of an off-campus job as a barista is that you can separate your work and study life more clearly and you get the opportunity to meet people off-campus.

  1. Library attendant

If you’re not a fan of all that activity, being a library attendant might be more suitable for you. This is an ideal combination if you spend a lot of time in the library yourself because now you can combine work and studying.

  1. Teaching or research assistant

Becoming a teaching or research assistant is a great way to earn money while staying within your field of study and learning even more. These kinds of jobs can be a bit more stressful though because your relationship with your professor is important here. First, you’ll have to prove you are an excellent student and once you get the job, you’ll need to continue to prove you are worthy of the position. Being a teaching or research assistant looks very good on your resume though, and it is a great way of building a professional network within the academic community, so the extra stress is well worth it.

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring can be both an on-campus and off-campus job. If you excel in a particular subject, tutoring others who have more trouble should be easy for you. One of the effects of the recent COVID-19 pandemic is that many students have fallen behind with their schoolwork. Governments around the world are urging schools to act more urgently to get those students back on track, and this is where you can also help by tutoring those who need it.

Some colleges and universities have an educational resource center where you could apply for a formal tutoring position. You could also start tutoring on your own, although this will take a bit more organization on your part. You can put up a flyer on campus or make an online advertisement where you offer your services. The benefit of tutoring online is that you are not bound to a specific location. You can help students around the world, so your pool of clients is a lot bigger than just your local community.

Tutoring and teaching online is not only a good student job, it is also an excellent career opportunity. Are you interested in pursuing an online teaching career? Head over here to find out all about the necessary requirements to become an online English teacher.

As a final tip, don’t limit yourself to just tutoring. An important part of college is learning how to write great essays, but for some people this is even harder than solving a difficult math equation. Offering to edit and proofread a fellow student’s paper is a great way to make money and put those strong writing skills of yours to work. Editing and proofreading papers is also immensely rewarding work, especially for students whose first language isn’t English and if they’re struggling to put words onto paper.

  1. Become a campus tour guide

Another fun way to earn some extra money as a student is by becoming a campus tour guide. You spend all your time at the campus anyway, so why not take advantage of that? As a tour guide, you’ll be able to show future students (and their anxious parents) around campus and tell them why this school is the best choice for them. This job is especially well suited for you if you are outgoing and you want to make a positive impact on prospective students who are looking for the best school to spend the next few years of their lives at.

As you can see, there are more than enough ways to earn money as a student while you are still studying. You can apply to be a barista or help out in the campus library, you can up your academic standing by becoming a teacher or research assistant in your chosen field, or you can help fellow students by tutoring them. And last but not least, if you truly love your campus and you want to make a positive impact on prospective students, why don’t you try to become a campus tour guide?

These are all excellent jobs that can help you earn money as a student. Can’t get enough of all these tips for earning money? Why don’t you head over to Business News for even more tips on how students might earn money while studying.

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