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Tiktok video

How do you like this fickle algorithm? As already mentioned, it is important to shoot trending videos in a timely manner to attract and get Tiktokviews. Do not make a video on a trend that was a month or even two weeks ago – this way the algorithms will lower the rating of your account, and then it will be more difficult to break into the rivers.

Shoot in different locations.

There is little evidence that TikTok’s algorithms dislike a monotonous background. However, the fact that the audience does not like this is a fact! Try to diversify the geography of your videos: shoot at home, in a beautiful front door, at a university, in a park, by a river, in a forest, on a square.

Even if you are embarrassed to make videos in public (for example, on the street or in a shopping center), there are still a lot of interesting places where you can shoot content, and no one will disturb you. As a last resort, create different backgrounds for your videos at home – swap furniture, hang curtains, arrange things in a new way. If you are shooting mini-films, then think about how to diversify the scenery: let your characters be at home, then on the street, then at school or work. Let your clip cover a large space, then it will be seen that you spent a lot of effort on its creation, and did not rivet it in a couple of minutes in the kitchen.

The correct description for your video.

TikTok’s algorithms hate irrelevant descriptions – that is, those that do not match the content of the video. Try to use words in your description that actually describe the video or communicate with the public. If the essence of the video is incomprehensible without context, be sure to include it in the description so that the viewer understands what you wanted to convey.

Use special effects and filters.

There are a lot of different filters in TikTok, and it is the “filtered” rollers. But before using each of them, ask yourself: Is it needed here? If the filter creates an unnecessary and unnecessary effect that does not carry any semantic load, it is better to get rid of it.

Hashtags on TikTok for Recommendations in 2022.

Algorithms are most responsive to the hashtags used. If you are making a video challenge or a trending video, include its name in the hashtags. More general hashtags are also useful:

# like4like #follow #like like #subscribe.

Choose the right music.

TikTok is a very powerful music venue, and this is where songs go viral. Choose from the library either trending tracks, or those that you think may take off in the near future. If there are no videos with the selected track yet – use it! When you search for that song, your video will appear first.

Consider the preferences of the majority – there is no need to put classical music or metal in the video, most now prefer completely different genres. The algorithms will promote videos with trending tracks or just new music in the background. TikTok is very fond of new music, so keep your finger on the pulse of the music industry, check out the popular news. Numerous music services with curators and playlists of popular tracks can help you with this – for example, Apple Music and YouTube Music have such features.

Download high-quality videos.

Picture quality is your everything. Algorithms don’t like soapy, blurry, defocused videos. Pay attention to the clarity of the image, focus the camera well. Of course, an image in 1080p and higher is not needed here – after all, this is primarily a mobile platform. But your clips should look great on smartphones with huge screens.

Upload new videos once a day.

Posting every day is the optimal frequency. If you have several videos ready, distribute them so that they are published evenly. To get as many views as possible, publish your and videos during the hours of maximum activity – 3: 00-5: 00 pm. On weekends and holidays, this range can be extended to 1: 00–8: 00 pm. Do not publish videos at night – they may fall into the rivers immediately after publication, but no one will see them, which will have a negative effect on the popularity of your channel as a whole. A quick reaction from viewers is very important.

Interact with viewers of your videos.

Algorithms respond well not only to comments but also to your responses to them. Try to provoke the viewer to comment with your video (for example, ask in the description of a video on a domestic topic: “Did you have that too?”). If possible, respond to interesting comments whenever possible.

Go to the commentators’ channels and watch their videos. Leave your likes and comments there. This will expand your own audience and increase the popularity of the channel.

Follow the trends.

To get into the recommendations, you need to carefully monitor this feed and catch a new trend in time. Every day flip through the rivers, analyze the content of the most popular videos. If you notice a new trend, try to make a clip for it. Are you running out of time? Then it is better to abandon this venture altogether – the viewers (and behind them, and algorithms) do not like the boring trends.

Create trends.

Make catchy videos that are easy to parody or copy. Create trends and you are guaranteed a place in the recommendations. For example, you can come up with a new challenge or dance trend. It is not necessary only to copy other TikTokers – you can yourself be an object for imitation.

Don’t break the rules.

If you post offensive, copyright-infringing, or controversial content, your channel may be fined. Sometimes the decision to ban is made automatically based on multiple complaints, sometimes manually. Read the TikTok rules carefully at your leisure. Let’s briefly describe the prohibited topics:

  • alcohol, cigarettes;
  • prohibited substances and goods (weapons, drugs);
  • calls for violence;
  • bullying, intimidation;
  • insults, including discrimination based on nationality, gender, faith, and so on.

Take part in challenges.

Following trends on TikTok is very important. Challenges are almost the main content on TikTok. If you managed to notice the challenge in time, while it is still at its peak, then make a video on this topic. If you’re late, it’s best not to. Be sure to include the name of the challenge in the hashtags, otherwise, all efforts will go down the drain.

Record duets with other TikTokers.

A duet is a powerful promotion tool, especially if you don’t have very many subscribers yet. Find a content author on a similar topic and invite him to record a joint video. Post the video to both channels. This will give both of you audience growth. Users love duets – don’t forget to tag them with #duet!

Induce emotion.

TikTok is a platform for entertainment, so it is very important not only to give people information but also to infect them with emotions. Even if you publish informational videos (for example, recipes), you need to provoke the audience to emotions. It is story clips that are most effective in this regard – with the help of a well-staged short story clip, you can cause laughter, fear, surprise, and much more. We can say that it is emotions that are converted into likes and views, and not use information from the video.

Use social platforms.

You probably have accounts on other social networks – share your clips there. Let the audience, who is only familiar with your FB account, see that you are also running a channel on TikTok. Your friends and subscribers on other social networks can play like word of mouth, spreading information about your channel to their acquaintances.

Use comments to promote your account.

To get into the recommendations, you should increase the popularity of your channel by all available methods. These include comments under the videos of other authors. Find channels on similar topics and comment on their content to generate interest from a potential viewer. Try to comment with wit and to the point. Do not insult other authors – you can get a ban on the channel for this. If your comment gets a lot of likes, then there is a chance that the person will be interested, go to your profile and watch your videos.

TikTok offers many tools for promoting copyrighted content. If you have a good understanding of the algorithms that promote videos in recommendations, then you can succeed even among hundreds of thousands of competitors. For more info about increasing TikTok followers and views visit website

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