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NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi

Any literature subject paper is the lengthiest paper considered by the students but, if they attempt the questions from this subject strategically then they can surely score maximum marks without any hassles. Class 11 Hindi is undoubtedly a time-consuming subject that needs much of one’s time in order to master it. Students should not live with this misconception in their mind that Hindi is an easy scoring subject, and they can pass this paper without putting in much effort and dedication. Because Hindi subject just like any other subject needs regular and effective preparation, then only students will be able to score good marks. For any literature subject, NCERT books are sufficient to get prepared for the exam. The Hindi NCERT book contains all the theories in the most simple language that can be easily understood by all the students. This book strictly follows the CBSE curriculum and all the questions asked in board exams are related to the topics provided in the NCERT textbook. Therefore, students can download the NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi from here. It will help the students to learn all the basics of the Hindi subject. In this article, we will discuss the paper pattern and section-wise preparation tips for the Hindi subject of class 11.

Tips for preparation

Reading section:

  • The reading section includes unseen passages. This section needs the students to read the complete passage and then attempt to answer the questions. The unseen passage includes poems and a short story on which questions are based and students need to read the passages and find the correct answers to the questions.
  • Students often feel that they do not need to practice questions and they can attempt the questions easily in the exam but they should understand that if they do not practice enough for this particular section then they will spend more time than required in this section and hence, their time for attempting other sections will be affected. 
  • Students need to practice as many questions as possible for the reading section because this will help them understand the language of an unseen passage and they will be able to find answers quickly. The time duration for this section should not be more than 30-40 minutes. Hence, students need to practice maximum questions to develop an understanding for attempting the questions of the reading section.
  • Students should focus on developing their reading skills. They should learn to interpret the language in this section because the answer is present in the question only, therefore, students should cross-check for spelling errors or factual mistakes.
  • While reading, students should mark important sentences and terms beforehand so that they can quickly find the answers to the particular questions that demand those important terms and sentences.

Writing skills section:

  • In this particular section, the writing skills of students are tested where they are asked to write letters, essays, report writing, notice, advertisement, etc. The topics chosen for these questions are included in the syllabus of the Hindi paper only. Students should prepare all the topics that will be asked in the exam so that they can secure their marks in the paper because they will be prepared for all topics. They would also be prepared beforehand if any of the questions are asked in the exam. 
  • Students need to understand the below-mentioned things for the writing skills sections: Format of the letter, report, essay, notice, advertisement, etc. to be asked in the paper.
  • Word limit for every question should be maintained as exceeding the word limit or writing answers less than the word limit leads to deduction of marks.
  • Generally, students get optional questions for this section, therefore students should prepare all topics from the syllabus and in the exam, they should attempt the topics for which they know the answer accurately.
  • For essays and letters, students need to write clearly and concisely, therefore students should practice the questions while maintaining language and grammar hygiene. Making pointers and then attempting these questions to leave a good impression of one’s writing skills is suggested.
  • For scoring good marks in the writing section, students must practice writing daily. One single piece of writing per day is sufficient for doing the preparation effectively. It will also develop the writing speed along with the accuracy of the words and their application in sentences.


  • In this section, students need to devote their maximum time because the questions are based on complete chapters from the syllabus. Hence, students need to learn everything from the chapters mentioned in the syllabus. 
  • Students should learn the names of authors, poets for every chapter.
  • They should learn the titles of every poem in the syllabus.
  • Understanding the poems and their meaning is important so that one can quickly identify the poet, title and also easily attempt the questions in their own language (in Hindi only).
  • Writing relevant, clear and concise answers with proper introduction and conclusion is necessary for scoring good marks.
  • Revision is the key point for this section. Every chapter needs to be revised numerous times so that one doesn’t miss any kind of information or knowledge provided regarding that particular chapter. Revising one chapter daily can also create a great deal of difference. Also, revision doesn’t take much time. It will only take about half an hour every day.
  • Searching for questions and answering them by finding out the answers by themselves can help the students to better understand the chapter. 
  • Writing down the summaries of the poems after reading them can contribute a lot to scoring high marks in the exams.

Hindi subject is considered as a compulsory subject in almost all the educational institutions and therefore, it is implemented in a student’s life at a very early age. It is the mother tongue of almost 44% of Indian people. It is also considered an important language for communication. Learning Hindi is not any kind of stone breaking process. The only requirement is a strong basic fundamental knowledge. With consistent effort and a strong basic concept, one can master Hindi without any difficulty and even score high marks in any examination.

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