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Tips or Visiting Puerto Rico – Car Shipping, Insurance & More

Puerto Rico is a tropical oasis that provides plenty of sights and activities. Boutique hotels in Old San Juan, luxury resorts in Condado and affordable travel options make Puerto Rico an appealing Caribbean destination.

Island life is an eclectic mixture of Taino, African and Spanish influences reflected in its cuisine, dance moves and lingo – but before visiting from the states, here are a few tips to make your trip easier and more fun!

1. Car Shipping

Puerto Rico is one of the top vacation spots for Americans, boasting year-round beautiful weather, vibrant Hispanic culture, and tax incentive programs that provide savings opportunities. However, due to limited public transportation on the island and poor driving options available to visitors, having a car is key for exploring everything Puerto Rico has to offer.

Transporting your vehicle to Puerto Rico can be made simpler when using a reputable auto transport company. Your chosen Puerto Rico car transport company should offer terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door shipping methods to meet your budget. Also, they should be known to take good care of customs clearance so you can just enjoy your vacation while waiting for your car’s arrival in the Caribbean island nation.

Before beginning the car shipping process, make sure that your vehicle is prepped by emptying out all personal belongings and depleting its gas tank to less than a quarter full. Also ensure you have both its title ready for presentation to a transporter as well as a notarized letter of permission from lien holders if it’s being shipped on finance.

Naval or oceanic shipping involves driving your vehicle directly onto a vessel and securely loading it for its ocean journey – this could take anywhere from three to fourteen days from port to port depending on vessel size and season.

2. Send Your Items

Many individuals relocate to Puerto Rico for work or school and require shipping their items. When this occurs, private courier services often present the best solution as these companies have experience and the expertise to manage any necessary paperwork and customs clearance processes with competitive prices and quick delivery times.

When shipping to Puerto Rico, it’s essential that the address be properly formatted. Always include an urbanization code similar to how people in New York City identify which neighborhood they live in – this allows the carrier to find it faster! Also make sure there is space left for customers to provide their city name (e.g. San Juan). This ensures the package reaches its final destination quickly.

You should keep in mind when shipping something weighing more than 1 pound that it could be subject to taxation, including state sales tax which can reach 5.5% and an additional municipal sales tax as applicable. Most major couriers automatically take care of this aspect for you and prompt customers when creating shipping labels to fill out necessary forms and submit payments for taxes due.

Be sure to bring along all necessary certificates for your pets’ health. Cats and dogs require rabies vaccination certificates issued within 30 days, while birds must present proof they are free from psittacosis or ornithosis.

relocate to Puerto Rico

3. Customs

Puerto Rico is an American territory brimming with Caribbean culture. Like other Caribbean islands, its people are highly sociable and family-focused; though most Puerto Ricans speak Spanish fluently, most also possess excellent English abilities as well. Language barriers rarely become an issue when visiting; visitors will easily find hosts who speak and understand English when visiting main tourist zones; for a truly immersive experience it may help if one learns basic words of Spanish prior to traveling there.

Keep in mind that while machismo may still exist in Mexico, women generally enjoy greater autonomy than in other Latin American nations, so female travelers do not need to fear being harassed or discriminated against when traveling alone (source: Robberies do happen but rarely as frequently as in US cities.

Puerto Rico is famous for its applause when planes land. When planes touch down at their airports, everyone on the island begins spontaneously applauding, an eye-catching scene to witness during your visit.

Puerto Rico uses US dollars as its official currency and boasts a general sales and use tax of 11.5%; however, there is no personal income or business taxes levied here making the island an ideal location for investors looking to establish themselves within the US market.

4. Insurance

As an American territory, Puerto Rico’s residents are American citizens; no passport is necessary when traveling there but ID will suffice. The local currency is the US dollar while English and Spanish are spoken widely across the Island.

No matter whether it is auto, property, or health insurance in Puerto Rico, there are numerous options available to you. Just make sure that before making any definitive decisions you do the appropriate research.

The Island can be an unforgettable destination, but it’s important to take measures to ensure its safe visitation. By following these tips, you’ll be able to fully appreciate your vacation without fearing for your belongings or finances while there.