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Tips for Teaching Online and In-Person Simultaneously

Tips for Teaching Online and In-Person Simultaneously
  • PublishedDecember 31, 2020

Everyone knows today’s situation of this pandemic. Due to this everyone has to maintain distance, wear masks, use hand sanitizer. Due to this reason institutes are thinking about how to teach the students. So they have planned to teach some students on campus and other online. Professors may feel exhausted by trying to appeal to two audiences under these techniques and worry that online students can have a decreased learning experience.

This type of learning known as hybrid learning means some days some students will take classes online and others at the campus and vice versa. Consider two considerations when deciding which of these methods to use. Second, how many students at a given time are going to be online versus in the classroom? Simulating the in-person experience could be the easier, less time-intensive option if there are large numbers of online participants (half or more of your class). On a day-to-day basis, it decreases the amount of task allocation and analogy wrangling.

Secondly, is the course more didactic or focused on more activity? By converting passive, online learners into active participants interacting with the content in a meaningful manner, a solely didactic course lend itself to the first approach. The second approach is important for a more activity-based course to allow online students to experience the same learning possibilities as their in-person peers.

Teaching online and in the classroom at the same time is a challenge, but using instructional strategies that reflect the educational design of the course will allow both sets of learners to have a rich and robust learning experience. There are many services available that can help you to sort out this type of problem, for example, cheap essay writing services USA. So here are some tips for teaching online and in a person simultaneously.

Paying Attention to Both Audiences

This is very important to paying attention to both audiences because if you pay attention to those who are at campus then it will be difficult for those who are online. I know it is difficult to pay attention to both audiences but if the institute has planned to make hybrid classes the institute should also manage all the things through which all students can be treated equally.

Make a Short Course

Teachers should make the course outline short than a normal course because taking online classes is not easy because there are many problems that can occur to any student. So maybe some students not able to attend class due to internet issues or any type of issue. So the teacher should that they repeat the last lecture to the next class. It will help students to learn who didn’t attend the last class and also will be helpful for them who had attended class.

Dual Audience = Dual Video Stream Settings

It is useful to think of each audience needing its own configuration.

Online Students: they should join using teams

Share your screen for them to see PowerPoint or any other MS software.

When you click on the share button your files should be shared with an online audience. Your PowerPoint presentation should also appear when you share the screen.

In-Person Audience: control what they see on the projector using the Crestron miniature screen next to the console computer

Set Up Microphones

The in-person audience will have to keep a distance so maybe some students will sit at last so the teacher should use Bluetooth microphones which can help every student to listen carefully. And also it will be helpful for online students because if you talk without using microphones. It means you have to talk louder because you are also teaching students at the campus so it can create echo (sounding doubling). So it will be very difficult to understand for online students.

Activate Chat Mode

Online students can struggle to get their professor’s attention. So when you are teaching maybe they will have some fear should we ask a question during delivering a lecture. Due to this reason many students do not ask any questions even, they can’t understand anything. So the teacher should activate chat mode so that student will type anything they want to ask. And the teacher will see it whenever he/she be free from delivering a lecture and give answer to that answer.

Breakout Rooms With Deliverables

Breakout rooms facilitate online peer-to-peer discussions similar to those occurring in a live classroom. Virtual breakout rooms, however, are more difficult to track than tiny group discussions in the classroom. How do instructors ensure that when online, students are on-topic?

Have a simple community execution. For in-person and online groups, often the deliverable can be the same; other times, it may be productive to offer different targets to groups and let them know. In this way, online students would be mindful that the results of their community are independent contributions to the broader discussion of the class and that their voices are as relevant as those of in-person students.

Use Tools Which Can Interact Both Audience

Most of the time online students think we should not attend classes because they don’t feel engaged. To overcome this issue you need to arrange a quiz or plan your marks according to some management like class participation marks or attendance marks. If you organize these types of methods students will attend classes and will be engaged in class.

Kahoot is a popular free option that offers playful, competitive quizzes that encourage students to take classes and attempt all quizzes so that they can get good marks. Kahoot also offers free basic analytics and tracking over time to allow you to review. Which academic students are continuously missing and you will focus more on that student.

Anecdotes Transcriptions

Consider bookending class with online student reflections that help the class summarize what observations were made in the session or how between class meetings course material was applied to their daily life. Make students create relatable analogies or memes for added fun and challenge. “A student once summed up a workforce planning class session by saying Poor workforce planning is like trying to employ more checker pieces when the company wants to play chess.

At the end of the session, you can either make them drop those in the chat and read them aloud as the class is dismissed or have them sent for your examination more formally. Then open with a few of your favorite reflective takeaways at your next class meeting to recap the previous session. Keep a running list of them for the semester, and in this section’s own words, you will have a perfect one-of-a-kind overview of the course.

Use Other Technologies to Interact With an Online Audience

You should use technologies like canvas quiz through which you will take attendance. This is very important to keep in mind that don’t be strict with any student in this hard time. So make sure the quiz should be easy so that students can answer it easily and it should be related to the course outline.

Phone-Based Apps

SixDollarEssay expert say that You should arrange some mobile apps. Because there are many problems can occur with desktop or laptop like electricity issue, but mobile is accessible from everywhere or even there is not an electricity mobile phone can be accessed and students can able to attend classes.

Do not Use Whiteboards

Whiteboard is understandable for those who are taking a class on campus. But for those who are taking a class online. It can be difficult for them because the cameras that are in the classroom will not be able to clearly capture what is on the whiteboard for online students. Thus, most classes need to avoid physical whiteboard and use digital board so that it can be understandable for both audiences.

The Teacher Should be Lenient to Every Student Even They are From Online or in-Person

Everyone has their own problem nowadays. Because this pandemic changed everyone’s life regarding financial and personal. So every teacher must think about every student’s reason. For example, a teacher has kept a quiz. But there are some students who can’t attend class because of electricity or any other issue. So the teacher should be lenient about it and ask students to be prepared. He/she will take the quiz on any other day or ask students whenever they can attempt the quiz.

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Richard Huss