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To Become a Licensed Contractor in Wisconsin what will be the methods?

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In order to work as a contractor in the United States, you must have a good craft license. Any U.S. citizen over the age of 18 is not allowed to do so.

The work experience and training required for a contractor’s license varies by state. Some states allow you to apply directly for certain types of contractor licenses without requirements, while others require you to complete certain classroom work hours with a certified organization.

The State of Wisconsin has its own rules for issuing construction licenses. The rules are very specific depending on the type of contractor applying for a license. If you are applying for a contractor license in Wisconsin, you must meet that criteria.

Select the correct license.

You can apply for a Dowling Contractor License or Dowling Contractor Qualifier License offered by the State of Wisconsin. You can apply for one of these, but you must own both to get a building permit for your business.

A qualifying license identifies you as an individual and you have completed training periods and work experience. A residential contractor license is attached to the business and does not require teaching hours. The latter can only be obtained by filling out a form and paying a fee. However, obtaining a qualified license should be preferred, as most qualifying licenses require the applicant to apply for a residential contractor license.

How to apply for a Dowling Contractor Qualifier license

Before you can check for a Wisconsin Resident Contractor Qualifier license, you must complete a 12-hour course through a Certified Educator designated by the State of Wisconsin. There are many online course providers, but with WICContractorTraining, getting a WI resident contractor license is the easiest. They offer advanced continuing education courses covering best business practices, building codes and Wisconsin-specific codes and laws.

Upon passing the test, attach a certificate of passing with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services to the completed application and payment for the resident contractor qualification license.

Renewal of Dueling Contractor and Dueling Contractor Qualifier licenses

Homeowner licenses must be renewed for a standard fee of $25 each. year. You have the option to renew your home contractor permit for more than one year at a time. 100, – Renewable for 4 years on payment of renewal fee.

The Resident Contractor Qualifier license is renewable every two years and requires a 12-hour course. Upon completion, a Certificate of Completion must be sent to the State of Wisconsin with applicable fees.

Both licenses have expiration dates. The State of Wisconsin sends reminder cards 3 months prior to renewal.

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