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Today’s wordle hint #557 Hints, Clues And Answer

Cookie days, black magic, storms and old Norwegian music. In some parts of the country, fires break out suddenly in winter.

My neck of the woods hasn’t had the devastating snow that most of the country has seen, but it’s getting colder and it looks like we’ll get our share soon. Take it all in – the more snow, the less chance of winter fires.

However, as Christmas ends, the New Year approaches. There is no plan. At the very least, wordle hint I would say eat a neutral diet, play football and watch movies. Many interesting New Year celebrations were organized. (almost) ready to breathe.

wordle hint

I have never had such a time. My idea was not so happy, it took me 5 minutes to get the final answer (compared to 3 Wordbot texts!) Attar reduced the remaining solutions to only 253, not much better. You only have two red boxes out of 28 to choose from.

At least Satan helped me out a little by giving me a green “L” and making the other letters smaller. A few words that come to mind for a strong answer include pixels. That is the answer. There are no parts today. Instead, it may be a general risk.

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