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Top 10 Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits of 2021

Richard Huss
Richard Huss
8 Min Read

People who own a dryer system are well aware of the fact that blocked vents can be quite risky. According to the U.S. Fire Management Department, almost 3,000 house fire incidents are caused by the same reason. Hence, cleaned vents will protect you from fire hazards and save you from high energy bills. You must use the best dryer vent cleaning kits to ensure safe results.

10 Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits of 2021

  • Dryer Vacuum

A good quality vacuum will pull all the lint blocked in your dryer machine vent. Also, it will clean up any remains that may cause any issue in the machine’s proper functioning. The dryer vacuum has a special thin tube that easily fits into the dryer opening. It should also be flexible so that it can be turned at any angle you want.

  • Flexible Crevice Equipment

This usually works along with a dryer vacuum cleaner. This elastic tool allows easy access into the dryer opening as it can be turned into any angle you want.

Besides, this useful tool is affordable and helpful in dryer exhaust cleaning tasks. Also, this tool allows you to reach hidden areas within the duct and clean it effectively.

While purchasing the crevice tool, you must ensure it is compatible with your vent vacuum cleaner.

  • Dryer Lint Brush

The most commonly used vent scrubbing tool is the dryer lint brush. It’s a one-time investment, so you must consider buying a good-quality brush that will help in easy and proper cleaning of dryer openings. So, this brush is a wonder and saves time and energy.

You must know that this brush would not show the best results when the vent blockage is serious. Also, this brush helps in the regular maintenance of your appliance. While living in Georgia, USA, regular dryer cleaning practice can save you from significant expenses related to Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning in Roswell.

Fortunately, these dryer lint brushes are not very expensive. You must choose a long brush because it is sometimes a requirement of the cleaning task. Also, you may consider purchasing a brush attachment so that it can be extended in size.

  • Nylon Brush Stick

If you plan to clear out blockages in your dryer openings, this nylon brush stick is a must-have. For best results, you must reach deep inside the vent and brush away all debris. The good feature of this nylon brush stick is that it is long, flexible, and allows the attachment of things. So, it is a convenient, easy-to-use, and useful tool.

  • Air Compressors

A powerful air compressor is the best tool for removing lint blockages from the dryer openings. You must attach a tube to the compressor and speedily blow out the air. This will push out all the items blocking the passage. For best results, you need to have a proper tube attachment.

The good news is that air compressors are reasonably priced but might not be cost-effective compared to lint brushes. Performing the dryer cleaning task using air compressors and lint brushes can clear out all blockages.

  • Nest Removal Kit 

Positioning your dryer vents is vital in determining the most effective tools required to clean it. If birds can access your dryer passages, they may create their nests due to the warmth. 

Therefore, you must purchase the right set of tools to deal with this type of blockage. A nest removal tool will remove all nesting material that might have blocked your vents. This instrument can also be attached to your brush sticks which will further help in the cleaning exercise.

Nest blockage is also a serious fire risk; you must get rid of it immediately.

  • Power Drill 

A power drill might not be used to clear out the vent blockages, but it assists in cleaning. Also, a power drill allows you to attach things to the dryer unit, such as duct brushes. Henceforth, this eases the cleaning procedure as the drill’s power will push any blockage. So, a power drill has multiple uses, so it’s a good investment. 

  • Drill Addon Duct Brushes

The duct brushes can be easily attached with a drill. Sometimes, a drill might not have the right extension required for proper duct cleaning activity, but if you have these special drill addon duct brushes your dryer cleaning attempt will reflect a pro. 

So, you just need to attach these brushes to the drill itself and use it normally to clean the duct passages. When the drill spins, so will the brushes, and expertly clean the vents. No matter how intense the blockage is, this tool is the most practical solution. 

  • Dryer Cleaning Kit 

People who know the hazards of owning a dryer are usually concerned about its vent cleaning. Such individuals may choose to buy a professional dryer cleaning kit. This will provide you with many useful tools that will help effectively clean dryer openings. These kits may include lint-cleaning brushes, crevice tools, and nylon sticks. Accordingly, if your lint blockage is complex,, you might call a professional for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Roswell.

  • Dryer Safety Arm 

Another major reason to own the best vent scrubbing tools is to keep yourself safe. You must understand that ignoring a lint build-up in your dryer ducts can be extremely dangerous and result in an irreplaceable loss. Timely cleaning is the best solution, as you cannot avoid lint build-up in the vent passages. 

To avoid any bad situation, dryer safety arms are available in the market that help properly maintain their dryer vents. So, this useful alarm warns you when the lint build-up exceeds a certain limit in your dryer machine. 

Therefore, this alarm is straightforward to install; plug in the electrical outlet near your dryer unit. Apart from this, a special tube comes off the alarm device and connects to the vent itself. This enables it to detect the intensity of the lint accumulation immediately.

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