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It is said that wisdom listens but intelligence storms and it is quite true. Especially, when we talk about business operations. All the innovation and productivity depend on nothing but intelligence. It was human intelligence that was at work but with the passage of time, the artificial intelligence trends have also stepped into the business processes.


This is how things are changing and we are simply going to see the analytics and business intelligence trends for 2020. It is no more file piling as cloud sourcing has become a reality. Business intelligence software has made it fairly easy to manage and use data wisely. These top 10 business intelligence trends will let you know about today’s challenges. Now let’s move on and discuss the top tend trends one by one.

1. Data quality management

The data management was at work a few decades back. Business professionals require nothing but keeping things organized. It then becomes a matter of organization and accessibility. But with the data quality management, everything changed.

Tell you what: it is not about collecting or storing the data anymore. It is useless to store data if you cannot extract value from it. It is about the wise use of data and the concept is very much in, among the top business intelligence trends. It is the quality collection and quality management of data that will matter in 2020.

2. Data discovery/visualization

Data discovery is the next vital thing to consider. Even a very fine collection of data is of no use if it cannot properly be accessed. The discovery of data or its visualization is the only thing that can help one make and take quick decisions.

The process of comparing and relating different types of data can only become possible if you have smart data discovery tools at hand. This is what makes it a part of the top 10 business intelligence trends.

3. Artificial intelligence

Well, this is something seriously wonderful. Perhaps it is the only thing that helped a man look smart in 2020. It is considered as one of the business intelligence trends nowadays. Why? Just for the dexterity and agility, it is rendering to the business process automation. Things are happening automatically around us just because AI is at work. It has made the operations look easier and smarter than ever before. The business intelligence trends are incomplete without taking AI into account.

4. Predictive and prescriptive analytical tools

Predictive analytics deals with the art of using data to predict future trends. Prescriptive analytics goes a step ahead and helps management take decisions on the basis of the data at hand.

5. Collaborative business intelligence

We cannot miss the collaborative business intelligence while discussing the best business intelligence trends for 2020. The increasing online business operations have made it imperative for entities to remain cooperative. The managers as well as the workforce need to collaborate for a better action plan. The collaborative BI just helps professionals achieve that conveniently.

6. Data-driven culture

It is the age of data collection as bulks of data are stored and moving online. But it is not about quick movement of data between organizations that matter.

The data rather needs to be explored and researched for decision making inside an organization. The data-based decisions can provide a real-time advantage to the business entities. One can make smart decisions on the bases of the data at hand. The data-driven culture is by far one of the best business intelligence trends in 2020 and for the years to come.

7. Augmented analytics

Augmented analytics is the latest hot trend and it will be in the system with even more assertiveness next year. It is one of the top 10 business intelligence trends without any exaggeration. Why?

Because things like data-driven culture and predictive analytics will rely on augmented analytics. It is automated with machine learning while human intelligence making good use of the automated data at the same time.

8. Mobile BI

The fast-moving world has its own specific patterns. People as well as business entities will have to adopt new ways to remain up to the needs of the hour. The ever-moving people and professionals are in need of a mobile solution.

The mobile BI is a hot trend today just because more and more people are looking forward to accessing their data on the move. Yes, you can access your important data on the go with a mobile BI. It is an easy and practical way of handling professional information on the go. One can manage things and can direct people to make adjustments on the go.

9. Data automation

But it is not about the storage of data at all. One requires analyzing the stored data to make it look like a useful batch of information. The decision making can only be made easy with data analysis automation.

We cannot simply complete the discussion on business intelligence without taking data automation into account. The IT buzz words of 2020 take data automation as part of the business automation process. It is adding in intelligent reporting with perfection. That is one of the emerging trends in business intelligence and BI is incomplete without it.

10. Embedded analytics

Data analytics is important but even vital is embedded analytics, and is a type of marketing technique. The data analytics take the form of embedded analytics when it gets to the user level.

Today, business entities are more interested in embedding KPI dashboards and reports into their business platform. The reporting, as well as management, is made easy with the embedded analytics. This is why it has become an important part of the emerging trends in business intelligence solutions in 2020. This is all about business intelligence trends and solutions for 2020. We can progress in our pursuits by taking these trends into account.

By Abbas Ali

I am Abbas Ali and I am a professional content writer and blogger. It is my passion to write about different topics including technology, travel, fashion, business, and many more.

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