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What is the logistics?

Logistics is a holistic process that manages how resources are sourced, stored and transported to their final destination. Logistics is now widely used in business, particularly by companies in the manufacturing sector, to refer to the way resources are managed and transferred into the supply chain.

List of Top 10 Logistics and Supply Chain Companies Bangalore:
Kintetsu World Express

KWE India is a major logistics subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express since 1970. The company is headquartered in Bangalore with regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Kazuya Ueda (CEO), Nobutoshi Tori, Georgi Tomiyama and Katsufumi Takahashi jointly lead the company. Supporting more than 18,130 employees, the company has a presence in 46 countries and 717 locations. The company supports the retail, energy, aerospace, electronics, perishable goods and healthcare sectors.

KWE offers air freight, warehousing, B2B, B2C, customs clearance, import and export, freight insurance and door-to-door services. Some specialized services include 3PL, CBU, FCL, LCL, inbound logistics, MRO and off-track transportation. The company also provides assistance to Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, USA, Germany and South Africa. Comprehensive solutions, on-time delivery, broker support and prioritized supply chain are key factors behind the company’s success. The company is one of the top 10 logistics companies in India.

Dart Global

Operating since 1983, Dart Global is a leading logistics company specializing in global logistics services. The company supports 15 countries, has 5,000 satisfied customers, handles 82,000 shipments and delivers 55,000 items. It focuses on reducing customer needs, enhancing technology and empowering employees. It manages regional offices, employee training, transshipment and international customers. Its CEO Simon Hu heads the logistics company in India, China, USA, Pakistan, Singapore, UAE, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The company provides air freight, sea freight, holiday, warehousing and freight forwarding services. freight solutions, integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions. There is also a custom global tracking portal called the DART Global Tracking Portal. The website allows the user to select the type of packaging for the product. It also covers separate freight and shipping categories for perishable, fragile and pharmaceutical products. It is one of the list of rental services in Bangalore.

DTDC is the source

Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo, also known as DTDC, is an Indian courier company that has been operating since 1990. Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, the company has 240 international locations in the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, China, Australia and Hong Kong. Managing over 35,000 employees, the goal is to be the best customer-focused express package provider. The company works with brands such as Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, Cisco, Capgemini and Ernst & Young.

DTDC has five main divisions: Domestic Division, Retail Division, International Division, Freight Forwarding, DTDC Institute and Supply Chain Solutions. It provides risk supplementation, packaging solutions, fuel supplementation and franchise training. Various e-solutions have also been developed, including e-notify, e-tracker, bulk tracker, e-invoicing, e-compliance, web shipping and web pickup. The company emphasizes data accuracy, real-time connectivity, fire building, reliability, safety and security, children’s education and environmental protection. He has also endorsed Airtel, BSNL, Godrej, ABB, BHL, BOB, Axis Bank, LIC, Bata, Pale, Britannia, Himalaya, Dell, HCL, HP, Hero Honda, Arvind and Ford Motors. The company is considered to be one of the best logistics companies in India.

Lightweight package

Operating since 1992, Prakash Parcels is a leading logistics company specializing in freight services. The company supports chemicals, consumer goods, transportation and heavy industries. It focuses on identifying business concerns, conceiving ideas and achieving goals. It handles small shipments, documentation, customs clearance and overseas operations using state-of-the-art technology and qualified staff. The company is waiting for the logistics industry in Bangalore.

The company offers customized clearance, storage, break bulk, consolidation and supply chain solutions. We also offer door-to-door delivery, air/sea freight, import and export. Express cargo, full container cargo (FCL), less than container cargo (LCL) and delivery order tracking are tailored features. Prakash Parcels is headquartered in Delhi and has marketing offices in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Now includes 24×7 customer support, low prices, on-time delivery and online tracking details. This company is one of the delivery services in Bangalore.

Snowman logistics

Snowman Logistics, as the name suggests, is a Bangalore-based logistics company that specializes in cold chain business. The company started its business in 1993 and now provides temperature control logistics services in India. The directors of the company are Prem Kishan Gupta, Shabir Hasan Bhai, Anil Agarwal, Sunil Nair, Shukla Vasan, Bhaskar Owala Reddy and Arun Kumar Gupta. The company has department stores in Surat, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bhubaneswar. All warehouses have freezing facilities from +25 C to -20 Cel C with temperature control functions. There are many international logistics companies in Bangalore.

Snowman Logistics offers various warehousing, distribution, quality control, inventory management and value creation services. It also offers labeling, quick freezing, stacking, repackaging and sales order processing. The force includes pallet storage, environmentally friendly refrigeration, multiple generators, command center and 24 × 7 operation. Some others: port facilities, full trucks, 246 refrigerated trucks, plug-in facility, fleet with GPS and customized milking services. It provides ice cream, seafood, dairy products, health care, pharmaceuticals, chocolates, pastries, fruits and vegetables, poultry, meat and ready-made goods. Also FSI, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, BRC Global Standards and EIA approved 4 warehouses as a

Fragtco India

Freight India is a leading freight logistics company since 2004. The company is headquartered in Bangalore with regional offices in Surat and Kolkata. It supports small, medium, large, local, regional, national and international companies. It emphasizes reliability, safety, security, making connections and understanding customer needs.


Customer satisfaction, 24×7 support, state-of-the-art technologies and cost-effective strategies. The company provides warehousing, custom packaging, international transportation, dedicated fleet and freight services. It also offers services like FCL, LCL, customs clearance, product procurement and cross-docking. It is one of the leading logistics companies in Bangalore.

Good logistics

Wright Logistics is a forwarding logistics company based in Bangalore. The company, which began operations in 2004, aims to build a broader partnership and expand its forwarding needs. The company offers: Right Air, Right Movers, Right Hayes, Right C, Right D2D, Right Critical, Right Project and Right Cold Chain. Rite Air Services provides customers with an exceptional, direct and economical shipping experience. All home delivery services, moving services and overseas delivery services are part of Right Movers.

Wright Critical Handles, as the name implies, delivers instantly worldwide. All freezing facilities and temperature control equipment are part of good refrigeration chain service. The company is a member of MTOI, World Cargo Association, Ship Spares Freight, Alpha Logistics and 5 Star Logistics Network. ISO certified company, Federal Maritime Commission, Authorized Economic Operator and International Air Transport Association. The company is one of the leading providers of freight and logistics services in Bangalore.

Zinc logistics

Also known as Zinka Logistics, Blackbook is the largest truck management logistics company in Bengaluru. The company, which began operations in 2015, has been working hard to convert offline trucking to online trucking. Rajesh Yabaji (CEO), Shilpi Pandey (CPO), Rama Subramaniam (COO) and Thijsui Bhatt (engineer) jointly lead the company. Its online presence allows customers to find trucks that are readily available. It also creates a bridge between shipper and truck driver for hassle-free shipping and a seamless loading experience. The company is one of the top 10 logistics companies in Bangalore.

Zinka Logistics offers a variety of infrastructure restructuring, insurance coverage, payment options and financial services. It also offers competitive pricing, real-time tracking, immediate availability and exclusive pan-India services. Some more: faster loading, faster payment settlement, driver convenience, guaranteed savings and faster resolution. The company has 2000+ locations, 15000+ customers and 1.2 million trucks. It works with the World Bank and the Government of India to implement GST and e-road bills. Zinka has also won awards for Forbes Under30, Company of the Year, Startup of the Year and Venture Capital Deal of the Year.

A logistics company handles the storage, shipping, transportation and transportation of goods from one place to another. There are basically three types of logistics: inbound logistics, outbound logistics and reverse logistics. If a company can provide the right product to the right customer in the right quantity, condition, time, place and price, then these are the best logistics companies in Bangalore.

Top 10 Logistics Companies in Bangalore With their Websites 2021 :

S.NO. Logistics Companies in Bangalore

Questions about top 10 logistics companies in Bangalore:

What are the 3 types of logistics?

These are inbound logistics, outbound logistics and reverse logistics. It is especially important for those interested in the Philippine logistics industry to know these three directions of the supply chain.

Who are the top 10 e-commerce logistics companies in India?

1. Aramex Logistics Company
2. BlueCard Logistics Services
3. Delivery eCommerce Logistics
4. DHL Logistics Company
5. ExCom Express Logistics Service Provider
6. Eckart Logistics
7. FedEx Logistics Firm
8. Self-express Logistics Firm
9. Shadow fax Company for eCommerce Logistics
10. Expresses Logistics Company

Which is India’s largest logistics company?

Mahindra Logistics Limited is India’s largest logistics company.

Good salary for a logistics job in India?

The highest salary of a Logistics Manager in India is ₹ 22.17.808 per annum. The minimum salary of a Logistics Manager in India is ₹ 3.79.366 per annum.

Which is the largest logistics company in the world?

FedEx is now the largest transportation and logistics company in the world.

What are the top 10 listed logistics companies in India?

1. Almagro Logistics Ltd
2. Container Corporation of India Ltd.
3. DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd.
4. Blue Dart Express Ltd.
5 FedEx Express TSCS India Pvt. Ltd.
6. Gait Ltd.
7. Transport Corporation of India
8. Sical Logistics Ltd.
9. Adani Logistics Company
10. Gateway Distripark Limited

Simply put, what is logistics?

Logistics is a holistic process that manages how resources are sourced, stored and transported to their final destination.