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Banari Aman Group is one of the largest conglomerates in South India with a wide range of manufacturing, trade and service sectors. Banari is the founder of Oman Group. is the source of SV. The Balasubramaniam-Banari Oman Group is headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This is a private industry. Banari Oman Group manufacturing and businesses include sugar, wine, wine, granite etc. Banari Oman Group focuses on managing business growth through value-based management. Oman Sugars Limited is the first sugar unit located near Sathyamangalam in Erode district. Commercial production was started in 1986 with an initial capacity of 1250 tonnes of sugarcane crushing. Companies in the Banari Oman Group include Banari Oman Sugars Limited, Shiva Cargo Movers Limited, Banari Oman Institute of Technology, Banari Oman Public School, Banari Grameen Foundation and Shiva Distilleries Limited.

The total value of the Banari Oman Group rose to more than US$27 27m, while sales rose to US$557m. It is one of the best construction company in Coimbatore.

Lakshmi Machine work:

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited is India’s largest manufacturer of textile machines and CNC equipment in Coimbatore. Lakshmi Machinery was discovered in G. K. The founder of Lakshmi Machine is. Diurajalo. Lakshmi Machine Works is headquartered at Piranakine Polyam, Coimbatore.

Lakshmi Machine Works has 60% market share in the domestic textile spinning machine industry. The textile machinery division of Lakshmi Machine Works has been awarded the Most Innovative Company 2020 by The Confederation of Indian Industry.

The company initiated technical cooperation with Swiss textile machinery manufacturer Rieta and Germany-based steel and ammunition manufacturer Krupp for textile machinery. LMW provides advanced spinning technology to textile machinery in India. Lakshmi Machine Works is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

The company has over 500+ employees. The working income of Lakshmi Machine is Rs. 25 billion Your mission is to deliver maximum value to your customers by providing comprehensive competitive solutions that respond to dynamic market needs through technological leadership and superior manufacturing.

KPR Mills: .

KPR Mills was founded in 1984 by K.P.R Group Chairman K.P. Ramsamy is the name. It is located in Coimbatore, India. KPR is the largest vertically integrated textile manufacturer in India. Quality-focused marketing. Its mission is to provide customers with innovative, customized and value-added services. The company has state-of-the-art production facilities in India. The yarn division of the mill will have 370,000 spindles and its capacity will be 100,000 m2 per annum. The fabric division is equipped with high-speed automatic weaving machines capable of producing 40,000 m/year.

The garment factory is one of the largest in India with an annual production capacity of 115 million garments. Vertical integration of the manufacturing process enables cost-effective customization of products with the assurance of consistent quality assurance according to customer specifications.

KPR Mall has installed a combined plant with wind turbines and total green power generation capacity for domestic use to achieve self-sufficiency in power requirements. As of March 2021, the sales turnover of KPR Mills is Rs. 2953.64 crore, it is one of the best construction companies in Coimbatore.

Pricole: It is.

Pricol Limited is a manufacturer of automotive parts and precision machine products. Pricol was acquired in 1972 and is headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Pricol was started in 1972 but started its work in 1975 but in vain N. Damodaran and L.K. Rarallu

The company manufactures car parts for motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, buses, tractors and off-road vehicles used in the construction and industrial sectors. Pricol sells more than 2,000 products in more than 45 countries

CRI Pumps:

In search of a CRI pump… CRI Pumps is headquartered in Coimbatore. Coimbatore Rajendra Industries is known as CRI. According to the company’s ethics, CRI stands for commitment, reliability and innovation.

CRI offers pumps, motors, valves, IoT drives, controllers, pipes, wires and cables and solar pump systems. CRI Group has an extensive portfolio of 9,000 products. CRI is one of the few manufacturers of 100% stainless steel pumps in the world. There are 21 production facilities worldwide. CRI Pumps has won the Engineering Export Promotion Council award 15 times. CRI Pumps has also received the National Award for Energy Conservation from the Government of India five times. It is the largest exporter in India.

They have over 50 years of engineering experience and 20,000 stores and 1,500 service centers worldwide. It has Indian and international standard certifications like CE, CSA, TSE, NSF, ISI, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc. 1,275.54 crore It is one of the best manufacturing company in Coimbatore.

LG Accessories:

LG Equipments was founded in 1960 by Jairam Varadharraj. LGI Equipment is engaged in the provision of after sales services for air compressors. The company has factories in various parts of India.

LGI Equipment is a complete supplier of compressed air solutions with over 400+ air compressor products tailored to user requirements.

The company manufactures a full range of air compressors including oil-fired and oil-free electric screw compressors, diesel-fired portable screw compressors, oil-fired and oil-free rotary compressors and centrifuges. Includes compressor, dryer, and air tank tanks. .. is . The vertically integrated production system provides design and quality control. Their in-house machining capabilities help them meet the right production standards, including their proprietary Axis Air Ends. It is one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers with more than 2 million installations in 100 countries. It has won the Deming Award 2019 for the benefit of consistent application and complete quality management across the organization. It is one of the best construction company in Coimbatore.

Shanty Gears:

Shanti Gears was purchased in 1960 and was founded by P. Subramanian. Peace Gears is a company with industrial gearing solutions. They design and manufacture gears, gearboxes, gear motors and gear assemblies. It is a leading gear manufacturer and one of the leading gear manufacturers in India today.

Shanty Gear offers a full range of products and services – advanced gear solutions for a wide range of applications and specialist gear repair services. They are committed to research, development and innovation as well as a deep understanding of their customer’s needs.

The company has 4 factories and 1000+ employees. Their standard gearboxes include helical, oblique helical, hot gearbox, gear motor and many more. The custom-built products are gears, gears and special gearboxes. Peace Gears offers high quality ferrous and centrifugal non-ferrous castings. Products include SG Iron, Gray Iron, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, LEED Bronze and Copper alloys. It is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

Endoshell: A.S.

Endo Shell Mold Limited. Founded in 1973, it is one of the leading manufacturers of shell casting precision castings in India. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of two-wheeled engine-cylinder boxes. They have 4 processing facilities – 3 in India and 1 in the US. In 1994, he was awarded the National Award for Quality Products by the President of India

L. G. Balakrishnan & Bruce Ltd.:

LGB is one of the leading industries in South India. LGB started with a fleet of 250 buses and became India’s leading roller chain manufacturer. LGB is now the proud leading manufacturer of car chains under the famous brand “Rolan”. It was founded in 1937. LGB was the first Chinese manufacturing company in India to receive ISO 9001 certification. All LGB product lines benefit from strong integration. LGB applies strict quality control measures to every product that comes out.

LGB has become the first Indian company to supply timing chains for 4WH. To provide better quality services to Indian customers, LGB has entered into technical alliances with various companies.

LGB is a leading manufacturer of fine blanks with about 25 fine blank processes. It is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

Canned sugar: .

Shakti Groups Foundation p. Shakti Sugar Limited was established in 1964 with commercial sugar production in 1961 at Shakti Nagar Sugar Plant. At present there are four sugar factories, three in Tamil Nadu and one in Orissa. Soya product is another product manufactured by Shakti Sugar Limited. It handles 90,000 mtt of soybeans annually. Shakti Sugar produces high quality plant white sugar and refined sugar using high technology and its time tested process. The soy product is an innovative flash destruction system that combines the world’s best technology and high protein soy flour from Switzerland and Germany. It is one of the best construction company in Coimbatore.