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The shipping industry is very competitive and there is a huge demand for it today. Shipping companies deliver goods and services by ship or other means of transportation. They are in a shipping business. The shipping industry has faced intense competition in recent years.

So in order to be sustainable in the future, many shipping companies are now aligning with each other. These companies handle services like chartering, shipping agency and shipping. We will discuss more about the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore.
List of top 10 shipping companies Singapore:
Engineer Lee Shipping: .
Ingle Shipping is one of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore. .. is . They are experts and veterans in professional management, efficient utilization of financial resources and minimization of human resources.

Advantages and Benefits:

Ingle provides shipping services, including container loading/unloading, CY/depot storage areas, handling over 2,000 simple loads, owning multifunction warehouses and much more. Their partnership is with PT Bandar Teguh Abadi, PT Bandar Tegu Nusantara, PT Bandar Abadi Shipyard. It is one of the best shipping companies in Singapore.


Worldwide Ship Management: .
Shipping Management is one of the leading companies in the global shipping industry and one of the Singapore shipping companies added in 2009. Clients worldwide from Asia and Eastern Europe.

Advantages and Benefits:

They provide all the needs associated with the shipping industry, including crew / crew, vessel management, fresh water supply, dry dock repairs, chartering, stores and provisions, supply of vessel spare parts and more . The company is run by highly trained, experienced employees to meet client goals. It is one of the best shipping companies in Singapore.
Synoda Shipping Agency: .

Sinoda Shipping Agency is one of the leading freight forwarders in Singapore established in 1992. It provides professional maritime solutions.

Advantages and Benefits:

Sinoda Shipping Agency provides high quality services to all customers and is one of the most recognized shipping agencies in Singapore. Sinoda Shipping Agency is a member of the Singapore Shipping Association. They offer competitive pricing to the global shipping community.

PECMA Shipping Pty Ltd:

Pekma Shipping is one of the leading logistics companies in Singapore and was established in 1993. It is a shipping agency and marine service provider. They are recognized as high quality shipments within three key areas including aircraft chartering, aircraft agency and aircraft delivery. Pacma Shipping aims to connect continents and reach customers with the highest quality and flexibility.

They specialize in importing European supply products that are not available in Singapore. They follow global trends in the shipping industry and serve a large number of global customers, with a focus primarily on Asian customers of Asian origin.

Advantages and Benefits:
He strongly believes in building relationships by providing best quality and affordable services with customer satisfaction. Pacma Shipping operates with the vision of promoting competitive shipping not only in Asia but worldwide, providing customers with more milestones in high quality sales.
Singapore Shipping Corporation: .

Singapore Shipping Corporation is a well-established shipping company in Asia, headquartered in 1984 in Singapore. He has a qualified team of masters, experienced marines and engineering experts. They provide reliable and efficient services to their clients.

Advantages and Benefits:

Services provided by Singapore Shipping Corporation include ship management, ship ownership, ship agency and terminal operations, logistics services and more. It is one of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore. and warehousing and logistics


AAC Shipping :

AAC Shipping is one of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore. It is a multiple award-winning global ocean transport operator founded in 2009. Their core shipping services include chattering solutions, fixed trade route services, liner services. They provide services in multiple sectors like oil & gas, mining, energy construction, and agriculture.

Advantages and Benefits:

They have achieved various awards for their excellent performance in the industry, including ‘break bulk operator of the year 2016, excellence in project cargo shipping 2016, best project cargo 2016, best project cargo shipping 2017, bet logistics 2017’ and more.

ALTRON Shipping :

ALTRON Shipping is a shipping company with the motto ‘your needs our priority. ALTRON Shipping was founded in 1997 now recognized worldwide with a good reputation. They deliver all types of cargoes cost-effectively.

Advantages and Benefits:

They have a philosophy to provide personalized and high-quality freight services to corporate and individual customers worldwide. Their services include international freight transportation & logistics, projects & freight management, and heavy lift. This is among the Top Logistics Companies in Singapore.

Best Shipping Companies in Singapore :

Sl.No. Company Names Founded Year
1 Eng lee shipping 1990
2 Worldwide ship management 2009
3 Sinoda shipping agency 1992
4 Pacmar shipping 1993
5 Singapore Shipping Corporation 1984
6 Global energy 1992
7 Samudera Shipping 1993
8 Fastrans forwarding 2000
9 AAC Shipping 2009
10 ALTRON Shipping 1997

FAQ’s about Top 10 Shipping Companies in Singapore :

What is a shipping company?

A shipping company is a company that provides transports of shipments of goods and services by ship or other means of transport.

Which are the top shipping companies in the world?

Mediterranean Shipping Company
Evergreen Marine Corp
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation
Ocean Network Express
Hyundai Merchant Marine
Pacific International Lines
Zim Integrated Shipping Services

Which are the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore?

Eng lee shipping
Worldwide ship management
Shinoda shipping agency
Pacman shipping
Singapore Shipping Corporation
Global energy
Samudera Shipping
Fastens forwarding
AAC Shipping
ALTRON Shipping

What are the services a shipping company can offer?

Shipping services, digital warehousing, ship management, transportation, and more.

Which is the largest shipping company in the world?

Maersk Line

How many shipping companies are there in Singapore?

There are over 5000 shipping companies in Singapore.

What is the cheapest shipping method?

Parcel shipping is the cheapest option if you need faster delivery. The cheapest way to ship is typically USPS priority mail.

How do I start a shipping company in Singapore?

  1. Incorporate business.
  2. Find suitable premises.
  3. Hire Staff.
  4. Apply for Licenses and Permits.
  5. Harbor Craft License.
  6. Applying for a Harbor Craft License.
  7. Port Clearance for vessels departing from Singapore.

How do I start a shipping company?

  1. Write A Strong Business Plan. You can’t start this business out of the blue, you’ll need funding sources or partners if budget is an issue.
  2. Start-Up Cost.
  3. Selecting An Office Location.
  4. Staff.
  5. Marketing.

How do I send a FedEx package to Singapore?

  1. Before You Ship Created with Sketch. Open an Account. Create a User ID. Ship Online.
  2. Manage Your Shipment Created with Sketch. Prepare Customs Documents. Fill Out a Commercial Invoice.
  3. After You Ship Created with Sketch. Track a Shipment. Customize Delivery Options.
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What is the meaning of shipping line?

A shipping line or shipping company is a company whose line of business is the ownership and operation of ships.

What company is best for international shipping?

  • DHL. One of the topmost trusted International Shipping companies worldwide.
  • FedEx.
  • UPS.
  • USPS.
  • Australia Post.
  • Canada Post.
  • Royal Mail.
  • DB Schenker.