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Top 10 Industrial Adhesives Manufacturer

Over the years, there have been lots of industrial adhesives manufacturers coming into existence. This creates confusion since you will struggle to find the right industrial adhesives manufacturer that can meet your expectations. This post will be helping you to select some of the best companies in this field. Check them out below.

1 – Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Whenever adhesive manufacturing companies are being mentioned, there is no doubting the fact that Henkel AG & Co. KGaA deserves a place. This German-based company has managed to standout among others since coming into existence in 1876. Its adhesive technologies remain one of the best that you can think of. Apart from adhesives, it has built a solid reputation for manufacturing topnotch coatings and sealants.

Key Points to Note

  • Despite the pandemic in 2020 which slowed down many companies, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA was able to generate more than 20billion euros.
  • Its adhesive solutions are being used in most of the objects you will find around today. These could be magazines, electronics, books, cell phones, cars and even aircrafts.

2 – Huntsman

Huntsman is another powerhouse when it comes to big players in the adhesive market. A proof of this is that in 2015, it was able to generate more than 10billion dollars in sales. Apart from that, its adhesive portfolio is quite impressive. This is because it has managed to come up with some impressive formular combinations for production of winning products in the market.

Key Points

  • Different industries/companies find its adhesives as their favorites due to how they have been manufactured.
  • It has been existing for decades

3 – H.B. Fuller

The first thing to note about H.B. Fuller is that it has been existing for more than 150years. During this time, it has managed to supply different kinds of adhesives to various companies around the world. The products manufactured by this company are a definition of high-quality. It is not only an American Industrial Adhesives Manufacturer but one that has managed to make its way into the list of the top fortune 1000 companies. This is a proof that it is successful.

Key Points

  • Its products are less toxic because their formula for manufacturing them are safe and environmental-friendly
  • It remains one of the leaders when it comes to introduction of adhesive solutions that are new into the market

4 – Dow Chemical Company

This is a US-based company remains a powerhouse in the field of chemical production. For instance, its presence spans to over 150 countries around the world. This makes it a global brand that has been able to meet the needs and expectations of its customers over the years. At more than 50,000 workers, you can easily tell that this is a successful adhesive manufacturer.  

5 – Exxon Mobil Corporation

Seeing a brand like Exxon Mobil Corporation in this list will definitely shock you. This is because it is majorly known as a company that is into oil and gas. Well, the truth is that you are wrong as it also manufactures adhesives. In the aspect of hot melt adhesives which are used to package infant diapers, this is one company that can meet your needs without any compromise. In 2018, it announced its manufacturing complex which is capable of producing adhesives that will meet the ever-growing demand of end-users.

6 – Illinois Tool Works (ITW Plexus)

Illinois Tool Works is another top adhesive company that needs to be mentioned among the best around the world. Its achievements in this field have been nothing short of impressive. Apart from having almost 20,000 employees in its payroll, it generated more than 14billion US dollars in the year 2019. It does not only manufacture high-quality adhesives. Also, it produces different kinds of specialty products.

Key Points

  • Illinois Tool Works is a US-based company
  • It has been existing since 1912

7 – Arkema Group

Having been able to generate over 7billion euros in 2020, there is every reason to believe that Arkema Group is one of the best around. This is not just within Europe but also the world. It is one industrial adhesive manufacturer that does not seem to be resting on its laurels when it comes to catching up with other top brands. Right now, it is operating in around 57countries. Its adhesive solutions are being applied in aircrafts and other related technologies, deep-sea oil rigs, wind turbines, bridges, automotive OEM, and healthcare.

8 – DuPont Automotive

Are you into production of automobile products that use adhesives? Do you know that not every Industrial Adhesives Manufacturer can meet your expectations without compromise like DuPont Automotive? This company is one of the best around in the aspect of adhesives that are applied in automobile products. Its revenue has grown up to more than $5billion dollars annually. In a nutshell, its adhesive products are mainly used in the transportation industry.

9 – Royal Adhesives

It is fair enough to say that Royal Adhesives remains one of the best industrial adhesive manufacturers even though it is not as big as those companies mentioned above. With an annual revenue of more than $600million, it is perfectly positioned to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Key Points

  • It was founded in 2001
  • It has an office in the US
  • Apart from adhesives, it produces sealants, polymer costings and encapsulants. These are all high-performance products

10 – Jowat SE

Jowat SE is an industrial adhesive manufacturer that is based in Germany. Since coming into existence in 1919, it has become a force to be reckoned with once mentioned among some of the very best you can think. Remember that its PUR hot-melt adhesive was introduced in 2020 and, still remains the most innovative adhesive product you will find around the market. This is due to its minimal monomer content.


Based on the above details, there is every reason to believe that some companies are reliable when it comes to manufacturing industrial adhesives. For more about industrial adhesives manufacturer,you can pay a visit to  for more info.It is all about finding the right company to get maximum value for your money spent.