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Top 5 Sub-Divisions of Investment Banking To Seek Jobs Into

Top 5 Sub-Divisions of Investment Banking To Seek Jobs Into 

Investment banking jobs are among the most lucrative in the corporate sector, across the globe. For finance graduates, breaking into the said sector is like a dream come true. The salaries are more than handsome, and the career growth opportunities, abundant. In the US, an early-career banker with work experience between 1-4 years, earns an average USD 95,688 annually, as per Payscale. An investment banker in his mid-career (5-9 yrs) would make a whopping $127,171 per year in the US.

global investment banks in 2020

Market share of revenue of top global investment banks in 2020

JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs are currently, the top two investment banks in the world, dominating the global finance industry. Their revenues, in 2019, amounted to 8.9% and 7.5% of the global market share respectively. Other top banks of the world include Bank of America & Morgan Stanley. JP Morgan’s total revenue in 2019 soared to a whopping USD 115.63 billion. 

Banking Certifications & Employability – The Connection

Investment banking certifications have gained widespread popularity among banking aspirants off late because of their significant contribution to the candidate’s job-readiness. They offer a distinct competitive advantage, especially to aspirants who are preparing to appear in their first-ever banking job interview.

Let’s accept it, starting a career in investment banking is difficult, especially for young finance graduates with no experience in the said industry. And therefore, you need some kind of an edge over others, as the existing competition is intense for the coveted job roles in the investment banking sector. Recruiters at the top banks prefer candidates who are certified in industry-relevant skills. And how can you learn such valuable skills fast? The answer is professional certifications in investment banking.

5 Hottest Divisions in Banking with Maximum Employability 

#1. Investment Banking

Investment bankers offer advice to their clients from a non-finance background (high-net-worth individuals & institutional investors), and in return, charge a hefty fee in the form of commissions. These are among the highest-paid individuals in the BFSI sector across the globe. No matter, whether you are on the payrolls of a bank, or work as a freelance consultant in the said field, the exposure you get in terms of industry insights and functioning, is immense. 

#2. Corporate Finance

It’s very much similar to investment banking, the only difference being, that here, bankers offer consultation to corporate firms, regarding investment strategies. Skills of a financial analyst and business analyst, both, come into play over here to assist organizations in their decision-making. 

#3. Wealth Management

This is another sub-division of investment banking that offers great opportunities to young finance graduates. It deals in consultation regarding how an individual can grow their wealth through leveraging the right instruments, tax breaks, and sops. The job will comprise offering guidance to wealthy individuals such as industrialists, business tycoons, and directors of big corporations, regarding capital investment so that they could earn the best possible interest rates. 

#4. Credit Analytics

A credit analyst helps individuals and organizations with their credit scores. The job would involve working with federal agencies that act as regulators to the country’s financial institutions and banks. In this role, you will help companies and individuals in getting familiar with their respective credit histories and will offer advice or consultation regarding ways to make improvements in the same.

#5. Risk Modeling & Management

In this domain of banking, you will be assessing the financial balance sheets of organizations, and the basis that, will offer advice on how to manage their ongoing investments. This could mean directing your clients to cut down investments in a specific project and increase investments on another. It is an analysis role, pretty different from other banking job roles that deal in numbers.

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