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Top 6 Safety Tips for Your Security Personnel

Your security personnel work daily to help keep you, your clients, and the property safe. No matter where you hire them—an office, retail store, or shopping mall—they perform to the best of their abilities and handle the dangerous elements for you. They, of course, get to enjoy quite a lot of perks in return, but they stake their lives on fulfilling their roles.

Thus, the person with authority, trust, and responsibility is expected to take the necessary measures. To preserve the safety and health of the team onboard.

The managers must take all the precautions to create the right working conditions so that even the patrolling guards remain motivated and perform well.

So, in case you have security personnel on your premises, make sure they practice the tips mentioned below:

  1. Plan for the Worst

Nobody likes thinking about bad scenarios. But that is what you hire security officers for. Your security team must be prepared for every possible worst-case situation and know how to handle every challenge. And that is only possible when they think ahead. Knowing the emergency exits of your building and how different locations can be accessed through multiple spots can help you mitigate all the viable risks and live and work stress-free.

  1. Gain knowledge of your surroundings.

You want your new security team to take a good walk around your property immediately and familiarize themselves with the area in which they will be working. That is important because this is a high-pressure time. You wouldn’t have them lost in your huge office building or standing unaware as to which area to reach from where. Their complete understanding of your site and any hazardous zones will always be essential.

  1. Dress up for the weather.

Your security guard falling sick on duty is something you would never want. However, because their role involves working long hours in various weather and seasons, they must have the right gear for the job, especially during the winter. Thermals, jackets, gloves, comfortable boots, and raincoats are a few things everyone must be dressed in so that working in brutal weather conditions doesn’t take a toll on their health.

  1. Wear the desired body armor.

Depending on the assigned location of your security team, each one of them must wear protective clothing. Whether a bulletproof vest, ballistic helmet, shield, or Gorka suit, they must be available to defend against armed robberies and face other risks. But, you first need to assess the potential threats they might face. The higher the risk, the stronger the body armor.

  1. Be quick to react.

Every threat is not an actual threat, and your security guards have to understand it. They need a keen eye to assess the severity of things happening around them. They have to know what incidents require a response and what does not. If they sense anything suspicious, they need to be proactive with their approach and respond most appropriately. So, make sure your team is physically and mentally fit and capable of eliminating the possibility of danger.

  1. Work as a team.

If you have multiple security personnel on your premises, you would want to see everyone combining their efforts and working together as a team. Planning patrol routes, performing surveillance on flagged individuals, and reacting wisely to emergencies as ‘one’ would help handle every challenging scenario smoothly.