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Top 7 High-in-demand Non-Tech Web3 Jobs

The world’s economy and other sectors are changing as a result of web3 technology’s expansion. Many people think that working in web3 requires you to be a technical specialist. However, that is not true.

Although technological positions in web3 frequently garner the most attention, non-tech experts are also becoming mainstream. You can succeed in a variety of non-technical web3 jobs as long as you stay informed of the community and are actively involved in it. The top 7 high in-demand non-tech web3 jobs that present intriguing possibilities are discussed below.

1.    Community Manager

A community manager is among the key roles for any web3 company. In addition to providing customer services and marketing, community managers work to create an enthusiastic and supportive community for any business.

They also strive to resolve any issues that come up in a company. As a community manager, being well-versed in the nuances of the crypto industry is also essential. For example, you would need to be familiar with the basics of social media sites if you are assigned with the responsibility of advertising a new crypto project.

In order to engage with people, you also need to have the requisite communication skills and a strong desire to start a community. The majority of community managers have a marketing degree. Furthermore, while expertise in tech related marketing is not necessarily required, it does help to know a bit about it.

2.    Technical Writing

There is a great demand for technical writers from companies working on open-source projects in the web3 job sector. As a technical writer you would assist in developing, explaining and promoting different software to the general public.

Many technical writers publish intelligent pieces about web3, crypto and decentralized finance. In this role, you would collaborate with other founders to help position the business as a leader in the market and make sure that all brand messaging and narratives are consistent.

3.    Executive Assistant

The importance of having a reliable executive assistant (EA) is something that any CEO can attest to. An extremely organized person with strong time management and communication abilities makes a great EA for any web3 company.

You would assist the smooth running of the company by taking care of the CEO’s administrative needs. Being a great EA demands having a passion for web3 and cryptocurrency just like any other web3 role.

However you ought to keep growing and learning so you can do your best. Being an independent thinker and doer who can take initiative without any direction is also beneficial.

4.    Beta Tester

Since web3 projects use advanced technologies, a thorough testing process is necessary before any features are made available to the public. Web3 businesses hire testers from all over the world to check for performance, bugs and other features.

In addition to their income, many web3 beta testers get game-related prizes as a bonus. By taking part in project assignments you may help your firm produce better products and build a reputation. This will also help your reputation grow in the web3 jobs sector.

5.    Influencer Manager

The Web3 job sector also requires social media influencers much like other businesses, in order to market their products. A reputable influencer can work wonders for increasing brand recognition.

However, someone still has to still direct them so that they are in line with the objectives of the business. As an influencer manager, you will create and oversee a variety of marketing plans in order to increase the brand’s visibility. You will need to step up your networking game to succeed as an influencer manager.

6.    Events Manager

Although it’s impossible to predict exactly what new platforms may appear, we do know that people will always need somewhere to gather and communicate. Increasing awareness is one of the most important things that web3 jobs need in this still-developing industry.

Businesses are looking for ways to interact with customers in-person so as to create a physical presence that the internet cannot match. They can strengthen their reputation in the web3 jobs sector and develop their respective brands.

IRL events can only happen if they are planned by an events manager. If you have exceptional planning, goal-setting, execution and prioritization skills, this position might be ideal for you. Having these abilities along with a thorough understanding of block chain and web3, can help you in building a successful career as an events manager.

7.    Designer

You can work as a web3 designer with no tech skills. The most important quality required is the sincere conviction that well-crafted software has the potential to have a cultural impact. As a designer, it is crucial to have an overall sense of creativeness. Both new and existing organizations have a wide range of design requirements.

Assisting design teams with ideation and strategy is also among the responsibilities of a designer. You can also advance to developing high-end software if you find a passion for the task and polish your technical abilities.

Putting it All Together!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a tech geek to pursue a successful career in web3. A variety of possibilities are now emerging for professionals interested in the non-tech sector of web3.

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