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Trendy Outfit Ideas to Look Best In March

  • PublishedMarch 9, 2021

Spring may be on its own but given the weather conditions, it’s hard to tell if there would be snowfall or a sunny sky with freezing temperature. That’s exactly why the soonest March hits, we are found questioning, what to wear?

Fear not, this guide has you covered the essential outfit for this month.

1: Choose Vibrant Accessories

If you are beginning to think winter may never end, when can I finally let go of layering, you are not alone!

Since wrapping yourself up is important, get yourself a super bright blanket scarf to stay cozy. The fun part is you will bring a smile to the faces of everyone who passes by.

2: Wear a Statement Trench Coat

Trench coats aren’t going out of style even during spring. So if you have a couple of them, they can be worn in March. There’s no harm in ditching the basic colors and switch to brighter versions, printers, and unusual fabrics.

3: The Good Old Khakis 

Khaki pants have made their way into our wardrobes again. They used to be a staple piece from the 90s which have surprisingly stayed. Celebrities are often seen wearing khakis in a low-rise version with graphic tees.

The Khakis of today has a modern and cool touch. All you need is some inspiration to put a great outfit together to lit up your lifestyle

4: Socks and Sandals

The COVID-19 lockdown has made us fall in love with socks and sandals, hasn’t it? Feel free to head out of the house pairing this look exactly in march. Trust me, it’s not just comfortable, but chic.

5: Wear an Elevated Sweatsuit

Who doesn’t love sweatshirts! If that’s you, go to the next level and wear a gorgeous sweatsuit. Choose any color you like. I would suggest purple though. Combine it with a long shacket and wear combat boots. You including everyone around you will fall in love with this look!

6: Time to Get Inspired by Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf, the iconic character from Gossip Girl won the hearts of so many. She is a fashion inspiration for sure. This woman introduced us to headbands. Although the hype of this trend is long gone, it can still be added to your March wardrobe.

Headbands are great to feel a bit dressed up for grocery store runs and even zoom calls.

7: Wear Bold Florals

Bold florals look great in a statement piece such as a warm vest and overcoat. To nail the look, go for a classic black outfit and top it up with floral patterns through a beanie cap or a handbag.

8: Tie Up Your Blanket Scarf Like a Jacket

There is more than one way of wearing a blanket scarf. This scarf can keep you warm and cozy like a regular jacket. Why not convert it into a jacket?

For that, wrap it over your shoulders and tuck it around the waist. For a draper look, wear leather pants. They will keep you warm. This outfit idea is great for chilly days.

9: A Coat with a Texture

It never fails to use your coat as a statement piece. If color blocking, stripes, or plaid are not your thing, you can also choose solid-hued wool coats. For something with an interesting texture. If it has a wow factor like a detailed pattern, then it is certainly going to add lift to your wardrobe.

10: Ditch the Coat and Wear a Maxi Length Cardigan

There will be days when you’re not in the mood to wear a coat. That’s ok. It is for those days you can wear a maxi length cardigan.

Button it up and add a belt to make it look chic. There you go, a new and cozy addition to your wardrobe without spending anything!

11: Sweatshirt Over A Sundress Outfit

Weather can be really awkward at times. Let’s say it’s 70 degrees and sunny in the morning. After lunch, the temperature reaches 45 degrees and it starts raining. What to wear on such a day?

A sundress, of course! Don’t worry, layer it up with a comfortable sweatshirt and you will be turning heads wherever you go.

12: Dress Like Kamala

March is the right month to wear a pantsuit like Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States. The look won’t be complete without converse sneakers.

This is a perfect workday outfit for spring!

13: Jazz up the Basics

Instead of wearing the same boyfriend jeans or leather jacket, opt for something different. Jazz up your daily look by wearing something unusual like boot cut jeans or wide-legged pants. Don’t be afraid to add a statement piece such as a headband or pearl jewelry.

The unpredictable weather gives you the leverage to wear something light or warm and experiment with your looks. And you may not have to buy new ensembles for that!

Written By
Adam Smith