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The Tungsten Wedding Ring Guide 

People have been exchanging rings as a feature of their wedding festivities since the time of the pharaohs when the circle was viewed as a symbol of eternity. The Romans gave us the idea of wearing the wedding band on the “ring finger,” as they believed it was connected to the heart via the “vein amoris,” or vein of love.

That’s the lore. Here are the facts. According to a recent study, 87% of engagements result in a wedding. And the average amount spent on wedding bands by contemporary couples is approximately $1,575.

Recently, apart from conventional metals like gold, platinum or titanium, a new mineral has started making a place for itself in the market. Tungsten rings have become increasingly popular in recent times, with people opting for sleeker, more stylish, and modern designs. Larson Jewelers craft unique and breathtaking designs for tungsten rings.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a steel-colored metal which is also unbelievably hard-wearing. It’s extremely difficult to scratch, and it won’t discolor, so it has a long-lasting sparkle. It’s this quality and strength that is making tungsten more popular as a wedding ring metal as its properties are powerfully symbolic of a good marriage.

Picking A Tungsten Band

If you have an active lifestyle or work with your hands, picking the right metal for your ring is very important. You’ll need to consider a metal that is harder so that it won’t scratch or bend as you work every day. In that case, the tungsten ring is a great choice. Tungsten rings are affordable too. People spend almost two weeks of their salary on them. Large stones are also liable to get caught on things or come free after some time, so a plain ring is often a more reasonable option.

In case you’re having trouble making up your mind and need to visit multiple stores before you can decide, don’t worry, you’re not alone! A 2017 report found that 46.5% of people visit at least 2-4 retailers before deciding on an engagement ring.

Picking the Right Tungsten Band for You

When purchasing an engagement ring, many people do so as a surprise. However, buying wedding rings is something you can and should do together with your partner. Ideally, it helps if you begin looking for the ring at least a couple of months before the wedding since this will allow you to search, take a careful look at anything that gets your attention and try on different models, which may change your perspective. If you can, start looking for tungsten rings before you get enmeshed in other wedding preparations. That matters because about three out of four couples still managed all the wedding details themselves (the other quarter hire a wedding planner).

Also, make sure you get a manicure or have your nails done before you go out shopping. This shows rings to their best advantage and helps you choose the ring that will look best on your hand.

The Budget For Tungsten Rings

According to a study by The Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding in America in 2016 was $26,720, up from $25,700 in 2012. $72 billion is spent on weddings every year in the US, making weddings an expensive affair in the United States. It is helpful for couples to plan their weddings with their budgets in mind because it is estimated that couples can underestimate the cost of their wedding budget by nearly 45%. Within the US, wedding costs are highest in Hawaii, New Jersey, and Connecticut, while those living in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi tend to pay the least.

Most jewelers will tell you that wedding bands should cost a month’s pay or more; however, that’s not an actual rule! Tungsten rings are not as expensive as precious metals. You can find one for as cheap as $100 or as costly as $500. Also, if you are both going to have wedding bands, you should get them for each other, instead of purchasing one on your own.

How to Select Your Tungsten Ring?

Some people feel that your tungsten wedding bands should coordinate with each other, as they see this as a reflection of your partnership and relationship. Others feel that the shape and style of a wedding band should reflect their partner’s taste since that’s who will be wearing it forever. Another factor is the respective size of your hands and length of your fingers, as a band that looks fantastic on a large hand may seem out of place on a small one, and vice versa.

Also, while you’re shopping, take a look at wedding rings while wearing your engagement ring. If an engagement ring has elaborate shapes or a large setting for a stone, you’ll need to use care in finding a compatible wedding band. You may need to look for one with a bend or notch to accommodate your engagement ring and fit snugly on your finger.

The Shape of Your Ring

Since the shape of the tungsten ring is important for both comfort and appearance, it merits taking a look at the various alternatives that are available to you.

Court Shaped

Court rings are curved on both the inside and outside (as opposed to being flat), making them comfortable to wear and less prone to catching.

D Shaped

D-shaped rings are rounded on the outside but flat on the inside.

Flat Court

Flat court rings are curved on the inside for comfort and flat on the outside.

Flat Rings

Flat rings are flat on both the inside and outside of the band.


Tungsten ring is a preferred choice for the modern, practical and outspoken couples who value tradition along with progress. Tungsten rings are sturdy, strong, durable and unbreakable. They are a beautiful yet cheaper alternative for the traditional wedding bands made of gold, platinum or other metals.

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