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An Ultimate Guide to Create a Data-Driven Social Media Marketing Campaign

An Ultimate Guide to Create a Data-Driven Social Media Marketing Campaign 

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter- there is a very long list of social media platforms.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in today’s modern era. We have become fond of these social media platforms as they have transformed our lives from tip to toe. Due to the extreme use of social media, businesses have now taken a turn to promote themselves via social media.

If social media marketing is done correctly, it is projected to bring tremendous growth to the business. Although it is difficult but slowly and steadily wins the race always.

-Social media marketing and advertising is expected to witness revenue of more than $102 billion in 2020. Smartphone users are indeed the highest contributors!

Social media marketing can be a little daunting for some of the business owners and they are quite unsure and doubtful about the tactics for the advertisement of the business and processes.

Well, not to worry, here is a comprehensive guide for you that would encourage you in coming up with remarkable data-driven social media marketing. If the strategies are implemented correctly then it is the best way to make the marketing successful, efficient, and performance-oriented.

Let me get you up to speed!

What is data-driven social media marketing?

Data-driven marketing is a complete approach that leads to online marketing and social media platforms’ presence. The businesses use data that helps them in increasing the level of targets and personalization.

With the help of data-driven social media marketing, there is the highest return on the investments that end up giving the best results.

This type of social media marketing strategy relies on solid data analysis and engagement of the audience.

5 steps to build a data-driven social media marketing campaign:

Following is the 5 steps guide that would help you in creating phenomenal data-driven social media marketing campaigns. Let’s have a look.


Track the audience and decide the platforms:

When you start a business either it is based on services of online personal statement help or writing assistance help at affordable rates, the most important thing that is needed to maintain is the trust among the audience and strong presence on the social media platforms. After the appearance on social media, make sure to identify your audience.

Start with broad targeting and take the help of analytical tools. When you would be knowing about your audience, your campaigns would automatically turn out relevant and efficient. Market research is highly recommended so ensure to define your audience authentically.

Stick to your brand and present a clear vision. This would help your audience to show you the correct social media channel for your business.

Project attainable goals:

To design achievable goals that must work for your business is really difficult. But for data-driven social media marketing, you have to plan short-term and realistic goals that could be achieved in time. The targets must be defined and should be focusing on sales and brand awareness.

Another factor is to convert these goals into measurable KPIs. Track the reaches, impressions, and views. Here you have to be sure about the leads, conversions, and link clicks so they could be generated via social media blog posts and campaigns.

In the beginning, nothing goes perfect and you can take the help of web information available for different types of businesses and industries.

Keep a keen eye on your audience’s choice:

Once you are done with setting the KPI, the next target is to keep a keen eye on your audience about their choice of content. Do not make the content without having the input of your audience. Successful businesses always gain the precious insights of their potential customers and this is their key to success.

To hear about the choice of audience and their interest, there are some great tools available for social media marketing campaigns. Such tools can be used for the monitoring of the campaigns and to keep a check on media competition, mentions, and reviews.

When you are at the beginning of your business journey, track your performance to climb the hills of success in social media marketing.



Make excellent content for every platform:

No matter what your business is all about, if your company gives away UAE Assignment Help or if you are working for essay writing services, you need to create appropriate and excellent content. When it comes to data-driven social media marketing strategies and campaigns, your content on each channel and social platform must be original, authentic, and appropriate.

There are several ways to make your content stand out from the crowd; use sleek visuals in posts and images on Facebook, stay highly alert, and informative on YouTube and Instagram. You can also create infographics for Pinterest and interesting articles on your blogs for LinkedIn.

Make sure that you must post the kind of content that is catchy, meaty, and crispy for the audience. Here influencers also come in handy and you can ask them for a paid partnership to promote your business and brand.

Monitor and optimize:

Once the content is created, blogs and posts are ready to hit up then comes the real challenge. The “monetization and optimization” of the content is one of the most critical stages of social media marketing. Analyzing the digital performance of your campaigns and strategies also encourages a highly trust-worthy presence on social media

Monitoring also helps in scanning that either the creative strategies are working in the correct direction or if they require any changes. A good ROI must be generated according to the KPIs and if that is happening so, then you are all set in the ground.

If you would not assess your results, you would not be able to track your efforts in the ground of business marketing strategies, so be proficient about the outcomes of your inputs.

How to do social media marketing?

Social media marketing is nothing rocket science. However, it is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic towards your website and increment of sales. It is relatively easy to come up with a great connection between social media platforms about your brand.

With the help of social media marketing, a lot of businesses have reached a height of success.

Here is a quick guide for you about how to do social media marketing;

  • Set realistic social marketing objectives
  • Identify your audience
  • Set up the important metrics
  • Have a keen look at your competition
  • Create excellent and catchy content
  • Keep a check on results and performance

I believe social media marketing is relatively easier than others. You have to invest a little bit of smartness along with some core focus to the main objective and BAM, you are all set to market your business on social media platforms!

Social media marketing benefits:

If you feel a little bit of confusion about doing social media marketing in Dubai, then here is a quick wrap up about the benefits that are hidden behind the vast field of marketing on social platforms.

  • Brand awareness is highly increased
  • The business receives more inbound traffic
  • Search engine ranking is highly improved
  • Conversion rates keep on getting high
  • Customer satisfaction becomes better
  • The loyalty of the brand also gets improved
  • Business becomes more authoritative
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Insights from the market are gained

These are some of the little benefits that you can avail of in your business by embedding social media marketing into it!


If you are hesitant in starting a social media marketing campaign and have no clue about it, then this comprehensive guide would help you to gear up to speed. I hope this ultimate guide would have served you in figuring out your social media marketing campaigns. So, get yourself started now!

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