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The ultimate guide for developing your Uber clone app and outrun your rivals
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The ultimate guide for developing your Uber clone app and outrun your rivals 

Booking a taxi ride has become easier than ever in recent years. People take their smartphones out, a few simple taps and swipe to get a cab to their location in a matter of minutes. After the advent of on-demand ride-hailing apps like Uber, people no longer whistle or scream for cabs on the streets. This article will discuss the Uber apps’ design principle and innovative ways to improve your business.

Focus on offering the best experience

One of the main challenges in running an online taxi business is offering your customers the best experience. The apps’ user interface is the first thing that users will notice and ensure that your design will impress people of all age groups. Ensure that your app is designed with a minimalistic approach and is simple to navigate. Customers will not prefer an app if it is complex to use. With this strategy, you can offer a consistent experience for your users and attract them. Please take steps to ensure that your app supports multiple languages to cover more users as people will prefer to use the app in their native language. Hire a multilingual customer support team.

Look from a different perspective:

Every business that has existed before will follow strategies to target the audience. But that is not the case when it comes to on-demand service apps. Several stakeholders are involved in the business, and it is more important than keeping your customers pleased. Customers are no longer the king, as things have changed. Uber is one of the companies that has successfully implemented this strategy. They provide unbiased attention to the stakeholders and customers. Numerous surveys have concluded that drivers feel happy and satisfied working with Uber. Optimize the app by integrating features that favor the drivers. Here are a few tips for doing it.

  • Offer drivers the freedom to accept/reject a customer’s request.
  • Ensure that the registration process is easier for the drivers.
  • The drivers should get a separate app and user profile to manage their accounts.
Concentrate on offering the best travel experience:

There is more on the Uber app than it meets the eye. The customers will have much to explore apart from booking a ride. They can watch the driver’s story video from their profile or order food on UberEats. The user will get personalized ads for UberEats within the app after starting the trip. These interactive elements that offer more than just a ride experience for passengers on the Uber app made them famous. Your apps’ user interface plays a significant role in anchoring the customers onto the application. You can also offer media like music and video for users during the ride.

Millennials dominate the market:

Millennials completely dominate the market in terms of app engagement. So it is evident that your target age group should be the millennials. The app will have a set of basic queries to help them. It will be framed based on the FAQ to support them initially. In case of an issue/query, the customers can directly contact the customer support team later. Here are some pro tips that you might find helpful:

  • Provide a FAQ screen with a detailed and straightforward description.
  • Give answers to problems that can be solved by the users.
  • Integrate an email option for the customers to approach you with a detailed description of the situation they are facing.
Promote other services side-by-side:

Uber does a fantastic job of advertising food menus for customers during the ride. Clicking on it will redirect the user to the UberEats app and they can place orders directly. Their design team has finally cracked the strategy to place ads on the application ideally. Their existence won’t bother you, but it will get your attention. If you don’t have any other business to endorse, go for the advertisement based monetization strategy. As the name suggests, you will be lending spaces on your app specially allocated for ads. You can provide subscription plans for other brands to boost your revenue.

Elements that require your special attention:

 It doesn’t matter if you offer premium subscription plans for your customers, ensure that both premium and regular customers will get the same quality of service. There shouldn’t be any discrimination among customers who choose the low-cost cabs and premium tier cabs. However, premium customers will get exclusive features such as ad-less experience, paid media content, etc. It is critical to make yourself clear about the gaps that lie between the premium and regular customers. You can also offer a trial period of thirty days for every customer to experience premium membership.

Offer enhanced security features for your customers:

Uber has come back way in its journey and has got involved in numerous scandals over the years. With the advancement in technology, they are finally able to enhance their security measures for passengers. They have upgraded their security features from rock bottom, i.e., backend servers to the app’s interface. Passengers can share their ride details with their friends and loved ones to get them updated. The receiver can monitor the real-time location of the passenger until the end of the ride. Drivers undergo multiple screening processes by the admin team before getting onboard. They have also included additional authentication methods to keep the users’ accounts safe. The development team ensures that payment gateways are regularly updated with the latest security protocols to protect the users’ transactions.

Bottom line:

The on-demand taxi business offers business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The number of providers is increasing in the market, and now would be the best time to launch your Uber clone app. The strategies mentioned above will be useful for you to outrun your rivals in the on-demand ride-hailing market. The white-label solution offers unlimited customization options to integrate additional features to provide a better experience for your users.

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