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Hulu, now one of the most popular streaming platforms, offers viewers a wide variety of shows and movies. Each one is better than the last and deserves to be on your 2022 watch list!

Some Notable Shows Coming to Hulu Canada in 2022;

The Stories of The Hair

Hair Tales, a new documentary series that explores black women, beauty, and identity in the unique context of black hair, marks the first collaboration between OWN and Hulu. Michael Angela Davis is the series creator and Tracy Ellis Ross is the executive producer.

A play about beauty, courage, joy, personality, culture, and heritage. Hair is a window into the soul of black women. This is the identity of black women. The show’s creator wanted to create a safe space for black women to follow others’ journeys of self-knowledge through their hair. This series is native and foreign, personal and universal. A love letter to black women.

It’s Time to Get Married

It’s safe to say that a mass murder makes a wedding day memorable, and that’s exactly what happened in Hulu’s new original series The Wedding Season. Before their marriage, American Katie and Englishman Stephen (Gavin Dre) had a passionate relationship with another man, as a result, all of Katie’s ((Rosa Salar)) in-laws poisoned the wedding and some believe that it was Stephen who did it. However, Stephen believes that Katie should be held accountable. And boy, does this feel like a deadly secret for an upcoming black comedy.

Fairy Handmaid

The Legend of the Handmaid is a dystopian drama series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name. These events take place in the totalitarian state of Gilead, where women are treated as uneducated and property. A servant of Commander Offred begins to question the system and rebels against the dictatorship. Maids Tale is an intense, thought-provoking show that stays with you long after the credits.

In the upcoming fifth season, Elizabeth Moss’ character John (Season 5) must deal with the consequences of sending Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) on duty, while Serena Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) takes not a fitting message in Canada for above all this pain, suffering and heartache that you Love this series.

The Burden of Truth

If you’re into law, legality, and all that black bond glamour, then a load of reality should be on your list this year The show not only follows modern trends but is an understated one a drama for a morally and politically correct small town.

Produced by Brad Simpson, the film stars Kristen Keriwick, Peter Mooney, Starr Slade, Nicola Correa-DeMod, David Lawrence Brown, Megan Fairbrother, Unwin O’Driscoll, Sarah Thompson, Benjamin Ayres, and Alex Carter and has been added to the roster the surveillance of the BOT!

Mary Kills People.

If your favorite genres are thrillers and black comedies, this 3-season series rounds up the greatest shows of all time With a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, reviews from professional critics and the general public speaks to the value of the show. Available now on Hulu Canada, this Canadian drama tragedy is a compelling, dark yet entertaining show that will have you in your arms from start to finish. So make sure you have enough time and attention to put on a show before you dive in.

Starring Caroline Davarnas, Jay Ryan, Richard Short, and Abigail Winter, this excellent story revolves around an emergency room doctor who secretly helps patients face the end of their lives with dignity, hence the name!

Start Again

Expectations should be high for Hulu’s original Steve Levitan-created comedy series, considering it spawned the big hits we know as Modern Family. But this time, he takes the family comedy a step further.

Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, Callum Dignity, and the actors of the old sitcom rebooting with unresolved feuds with every star including Paul Racer and Rachel Bloom, so we know we’re there at a party!

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