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Properly use the Email Leads List for Fitness Business?

Awais Irshad
Awais Irshad
5 Min Read

The fitness industry is evolving, and so are people who go to gyms to work out. As a gym owner, you have to continually look for new ways to adapt to the changing environment’s needs. With so many fitness centers running social media marketing campaigns, if you want to get your message heard, you have to stand out, and an email leads list can do that for you. Email leads lists to contain email addresses of people interested in fitness and wellness, and you can get these lead lists from companies such as List Giant. However, many fitness center owners out there aren’t sure how to properly use their email lead lists to bring new members to their gym. To help fitness center managers, we will explain some ways you can make the most of your email lead list, so read on.

Segment your target Email Leads lists

If you have one or multiple target email lists, then chances are you are planning on sending the same email to every email address in the list. While you can send a standardized email to all the email addresses during your email marketing campaign, it might not be the best strategy. Since every recipient in your email list is different, you should separate the recipient into smaller groups known as segments. For example, you can segment your email addresses based on age and make separate email list segments for older and younger individuals. You can create customized emails for both older and younger recipients to engage them based on their interests. While younger fitness enthusiasts might be more interested in content about weight loss and improving their physique’s overall aesthetics, older individuals will be more focused on exercise to maintain their health. Age is just one criterion that you can use to segment your email lists. You can use any number of criteria to segment your email lists and get more engagement by creating personalized emails for each segment.

Content ideas you can send through emails

Once you have segmented your email lists, you can start creating and sending emails to your recipients. While you might be tempted to send promotional emails, only the truth is the recipients can quickly get bored and start ignoring your emails if you always send sales pitches through emails. So make sure you are creating emails that have valuable content. Some email content ideas for your fitness business that you can use for your email campaign are as follows:

  • Weight loss guides and tips
  • Updates about latest fitness trends and diets
  • Recommendations for gym accessories, clothing, and drinks to use during a workout
  • Diet plans for muscle building
  • Tips for maintaining body weight

The content ideas can also be inspired by upcoming events such as holidays and other significant events. For example, if the holiday season is close, you can send emails reminding recipients about eating healthy during the holidays and tips for working out at home.

Run exclusive offers just for email recipients

Everyone likes to feel unique, and when you send an email to your regular customers with an exclusive offer or run a discount voucher for new members that join through your email, it does just that. Rewarding your regular customers for their loyalty to your gym and giving new members incentives for joining your gym is a great way to improve your gym’s membership rate. You can also run email campaigns that reward the recipients for referring your gym to their peers, as these campaigns can quickly spread the word about your gym.

Now that you know how to use your email marketing list properly, just get a list from a reputed mailing list service and start setting up your email campaign.

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