Validity And Duration of an Australian Visitor Visa for Indians

For every visa, it is essential to know the duration and validity of the visa, mainly for the visitor’s visa, and  we delve into the realm of Australian visitor visas for Indians. Visas  rely on the different reasons involved: type of the visa, reasons for the visit, people’s situation. In this article, we will explore various kinds of Australian visitor visas accessible to the Indians, their respective ways and valid time, and considerable points to keep focus.

Visitor visa (Subclass-600)

  •  It is a temporary visa
  • It allows the Indians to visit Australia for business, tourism, or to meet up with family.
  • It gives several entry choices and can be allowed for 3 to 12 months. 

eVisitor (Subclass-651) and ETA  ( subclass-601)

  • These are electronic visas are accessible to Indians 
  • This is for business trip purposes or tourism reason 
  •  It grants one to enter Austria within 12 months, with every stay restricted to 3 months 


We know the duration granted for Indians on the Australia visitor visa depends on the subclass and visa terms. You should contact the government-approved immigration consultants in India for a wise decision and understand the Australian visa categories.

Duration Of (Subclass-600) Visitor Visa

Indians can stay in Australia for 3, 6, and 12 months as resolute by the visa permit. 

 Duration Of (subclass-651) and (subclass-601)

 This visa  grant stays for 3 months per visit with different entries within the visa valid time.

Term Of Validity 

 The realm of validity is also essential and should be considered. This period refers to the duration when the visa holder can enter Australia. The difference between the duration of stay and the validity time granted on every visit is significant. Validity time extensively relies on the visa subclass and people’s situation. 


  • Valid time can be granted for 10 year 
  • It allowed Indians to enter Australia at different times during the period.
  • The visa grant commits to the maximum duration of every stay.

(Subclass-651) and (subclass-601) 

  • Validity of  visa period is 12 months from the permit date until the expiration of her passport.
  • Indians can make different entries to Australia with every stay.

Considerations Points 

It is  vital for the Indian  who wants an   Australia visitor visa from India must focus on these considerable points and limitations.

Condition 8503

Few visitor visas may involve condition 8503, which limits visa holders from applying for another visa in Australia. It is essential to follow the visa terms to prevent breaching visa rules and regulations

 Expiry Visa Date

Ensure the Indians exit Australia before the expiry date of their visas to prevent overstays, which can lead to negative results and influence future visa applications.

Visa terms And Conditions

 Visitors should be familiar with the terms and conditions of visas, such as limitations on study and work activities, to ensure compliance while staying in Australia.


The validity and duration of the Australia visit visa for the Indian rely on various purposes like visa subclass, reason for visit, and applicant situation. Know the visa subclass and their duration, validity time, and other focused considerations. Knowing which visa you are using and what benefits they have for you is essential. Through this, Indians can decide wisely, travel to Australia effectively, and love their visit within the parameters of their visa terms.

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