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Visitors: Be found by the right people

Visitors: Be found by the right people 

visitors who come via search engines are vital for websites, especially for company presences. However, search engine traffic doesn’t come by itself – only entrepreneurs who optimize their website benefit from it.

Search engine optimization is a lot of work, however, and SEO also costs a lot of money , which is why it is not absurd to ask whether the effort is really worth it.

Company websites present their own services, the products, the company and the employees, because a visit should encourage people to buy or to contact them.

It goes without saying that the website must be designed professionally. Are important:

  • Appealing images
  • Informative texts
  • Easily accessible contact information

If you take these three things into account, you increase the chance of conversion, i.e. converting a visitor into a customer. However, the potential customer must of course first find their way to the website.

Headless search engine optimization and unprofessional search engine advertising are the wrong way to do this.

Interested parties: quality over quantity

More visitors to the website automatically mean more customers – but is that really the case? In fact, this is not always the case, because: Traffic is not always traffic. There are definitely qualitative differences here . As a website operator and entrepreneur, you should consider what is worth more:

  • 10 visitors who really care about your product or service.
  • 100 visitors who land on your presence by chance, for example via a link from a website on a completely different topic.
  • 1,000 visitors that you “bought”.

for a few euros you can buy clicks for your website and artificially increase your numbers – but what do you get out of it?

It is the same with the 100 visitors who land on your website by chance – these visitors are also of no quality.

As you can see, it depends on the relevance of your website.

but if they are of high quality at the same time (i.e. the visitors are interested in your product or your solution), have achieved your goal – even if there are only 10 visitors a day.

These numbers can of course be increased with an SEO strategy that focuses on topic relevance .

SEO for more visitors: relevance is key

Search engine optimization takes care of directing the coveted traffic to your website . A distinction is made between on-page and off-page optimization.

The on-page optimization gives technical barriers to the Google-bots that scan your website for relevant content, optimizes the site for certain search words . The OffPage optimization in turn takes care of backlinks from other websites.

Find the right search terms

Subject- relevant keywords are not always suitable for optimizing a website. For example, if you sell smartphones through a web shop, “Smartphones” is not a suitable keyword because:

  • If you enter smartphones on Google, you are not necessarily looking for a web shop, you may just need general information on topic.
  • The competition for the keyword smartphones is high; here, for example, you are competing with Wikipedia for the top spots – an almost hopeless endeavor.

It would be better to optimize for lucrative search terms such as “Buy smartphones”, “Buy smartphones cheaply” or – if you also own a shop – “Buy smartphones cheaply [YOUR LOCATION]”. So imagine that visitors who land on website are also really interested in buying a smartphone – that is high-quality relevant traffic that want to have on website.

Social media for more visitors: difficult!

Another possibility is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook. There you can build up a loyal fan base and reactivate these fans again and again with interesting postings.

Customer loyalty and branding

Social media makes sense for most industries, but not for customer acquisition, but for customer loyalty. Here you can inform your existing customers about new offers, introduce your company generally ensure that you will be remembered. For branding social media are definitely not to be despised.

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