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Do You Want To Apply For A Scholarship? We Explain What To Do

Do You Want To Apply For A Scholarship? We Explain What To Do 

The first thing, find out well

You should know what scholarships are available to you, both those that come from the Ministry of Education and those from the university or even from other private entities. There are scholarships to pay for tuition, others for mobility, residence or even school supplies, so see which one’s interest you and read the bases well to see which ones you could access. Here are the requirements for the MEC scholarship. It is important that you bear in mind that these grants are given to people with an established average grade (in Spain above 6.5 for the full scholarship of the Ministry), who enroll in a minimum of credits and with moderate income to low, so, even if you are a bit peeled of pasta, if your parents have three houses and four cars. They will not give it to you (if they have it legally declared, of course). Another possibility is to declare yourself a family unit, but you will have to prove that you have a (low) income that does not come from your parents, a rental agreement in your name, etc.

You’re not alone

Applying for the scholarship has its tricks. So, do not forget to go to the scholarship service of your university for good advice on all the procedures you will have to carry out. In the offices there are people specialized in these procedures who will tell you, according to your income and others, what you can request and how to do it, in addition to telling you what to do to (if you give the profile) get the highest amounts; Don’t waste that valuable knowledge! In these offices they can do the procedure directly if you go there with all the necessary documentation. This way, you will avoid going crazy thinking if you have filled out the forms correctly, because they are quite confusing.

Sort your preferences

As is logical, the scholarship with the highest amount will be the most interesting. So, you start to order them taking into account that some cancel others. If you ask for the scholarship from the Ministr hey will not grant you the one from the university and vice versa, so make sure you do things in order and reject the less interesting grants.

The application times sometimes overlap a bit. So you must be very careful to do it well so that you do not get denied one because you have been granted another. See also which scholarships can be obtained jointly. It is clear that they will not give you the MEC and at the same time that of the university. However, they may give you one of the above and the residence certificate.

Time is important

Make a calendar with the deadlines of each scholarship, both for presentation and claims. In this way, you will deliver everything in due time and you will not lose good opportunities due to a mistake. Also, think that millions of students are doing the same procedure. At the same time, so the sooner you request your scholarship. The sooner they will tell you what the resolution is and you will be able to reject the others or move on to the next one.

Gather all the documentation and get to work

For almost all the scholarships they will ask you for the same things. if, like most students, you depend on your parents. You will have to ask them to provide you with a document from the Treasury. You can see their return from the previous year and some more forms if they have own business. Depending on the money in the family, it will be determined not only if you are entitled to a scholarship. However, also what the amount that corresponds to you will be. The sooner you get all that documentation, the sooner you can start doing the necessary paperwork for your scholarship. So, go telling your parents to get on with it. If you want any kind of help, then cheap ghostwriters for hire gather all the documentation for you.

The long wait scholarship processing

Once you complete the process, you must be very attentive to the resolution. In the event that it is negative. Take advantage of the period they give (normally one month) to make the necessary allegations and have your application reviewed. Sometimes the denial occurs because something has not been properly completed or because something is missing to contribute. They may give you the scholarship on the second try, so don’t give it up on the first refusal.

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